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  • Spliff Vs DLP

    Doing a head-to-head test of Spliffs vs DLPs today. I think the DLP is going to be on the right foot, and the Spliff on the left. Tore a 6-inch chunk of edge out of my #2 of 3 Spliff yesterday (the 'good' edge, not the one that's been epoxied 4 times).

    Those Spliffs have earned their keep, I've devastated them on rocks and have put easily more than 100 riding days and quite possibly over 2 million vertical feet on them. I'm not easy on my gear, but they've been bomb-proof and have ridden just peachy with heavy core shots, sidewall and edge damage (not recommending you do so! But I did). I ordered a spare one from Greco two seasons ago after pounding some boulders early season, but haven't had to bring it out until a few weeks ago.

    So it's down to the last DLP and the last Spliff... thankfully the new sets of both are in the mail. So far they've been to Damascus, Boring, and Portland, Oregon, then Los Angeles, Compton and Torrance, California. Maybe they'll go hang out in Mexico for a bit? They might as well take their time, because I'm going to ride the living sh*t out of them once they get here. ;D
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    As they say in my old neighborhood.... God damn son!


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      It's actually not a terrible combo... you need to favour the Spliff a little in powder and chop, especially at higher speeds, but they handle well enough on groomers. It was really nice to have working edges and be able to carve hard again, first good carving day this year. I had to dial it back a bit on the nastier runs and in the trees, and was a bit afraid of catching a tip on the DLP on drops into pow.

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      (photo's from spring last year, when I lent out my other boards to friends)
      Make Skiboarding Sexy Again