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New Convert from Northern Vermont.

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  • New Convert from Northern Vermont.

    I have skied on tele, downhill and cross country gear since I was a kid. I'm now a 44 year old kid and my passion the last winter was Altai Hoks, using them backcountry style with 3 pins, Scott Excusions and cables. This Winter I'm now professing my love for a new ski love affair... with the Spruce Sherpas! I went to Jay Peak with my daughter who is learning Alpine and got some rentals a couple of weeks ago. I always have asked for short skis, 140-150 as they are easy and fun to use. After 5 runs on mostly greens my knees and ankles were a little distressed as the tourque gets to me. I had been looking into the short ski concept for a while. I read a lot in 2 days on this website and everything pointed to the Spruce Sherpas. After Mr. Singer graciously chatted with me for a while this week I decided I couldn't wait and he met me at a gas station in Wimot NH Tuesday night so I could pick up a pair tuned up and ready to hit the slopes on Wednesday. I'm excited to report I skied 5 + hours at Jay Peak and enjoyed myself like I was a kid with 0 pain in any joints today! What a blast, I took some small jumps- hit some steep stuff. I found some fun as hell powder that these boards surfed through. I'm sure I will eventually hit the diamonds one day soon again. I would have never thought this possible with my 44 year old self. This is the gear to do it in.

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    Hi Shirefisher, Welcome to the forum ! Glad to see you got the Sherpas and are having fun! Truly a unique skibhoard. Most excellent choice ! Jeff Singer is super and goes out of his way with customer service for sure !
    Boards :

    K2 BFC 100

    Zero Pro Non release Binding
    Modified Receptor Backcountry Bindings (Bill Version and Slow Version)
    Spruce ProPrime Plus Binding/Riser with Attack 13 GW binding
    Custom Risers with Fritschi Backcountry Bindings (Jeff Singer version 1, Bill version)