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  • Skiboarders put yourself on the map!

    New Site -

    Sign up. Represent your area.
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    Revel8 BWP - Spruce Pro Prime
    SnowJam 90 - Extreme II


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      but you cant see me in America, i am far away, so better click on the pesrons!


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        anaesthetic are you stil interested in the boads for the 70$?


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          added, pretty sick
          1999 Groove Retro 82cm

          Days This Season - 9


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            I am the only one in Asia?!
            Revel8 Revolt 105cm + Line FF Pro


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              so far..yes!

              hope to see more and more, its really nice to see where are skiboarders located


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                me 2

                me 2


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                  i am posting so this thing moves up so more people see it.
                  Sessions Flicker Pinups jacket/DC Denier-d pants
                  2008 FT High Five
                  Salomon Verse 550
                  -2011 ktp's w/ black receptors(soon)
                  -Line Weapons/FF pros (blk&red)
                  -Groove patriot (2hole)/skyskater
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                    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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                      new people do this
                      Line mnp (bug)
                      Revel8 revolt (cites)
                      Line ffpro (gold/orange)


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                        Holy Bejebus!

                        Another skiboarder in WA! OMG!1! And I thought my gf and I were the only ones (we see people on Snowblades, but you know).


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                          Yeah, I'm still a good 350+ miles from the nearest one to me, heh. I've only ever seen 3 other people on actual skiboards, 2 little kids on SnowJam 75's and a like 10 yr old on a pair on MNPs
                          I do it because I can.
                          I can because I want to.
                          I want to because you said I couldn't.

                          "The butterflies in my stomach have flown up through my throat and learned to love the open air." - World/Inferno

                          Spruce Sherpas with Prime Pros
                          '08 KTPs


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                            Here !

                            Another asian skiboarder ..

                            Homemtn: mt. creek
                            Hometown: middletown NY 25min to Mt. Creek
                            Current Location: Queens, NY

                            Line Bullet, Fly, Mike Nick Pro
                            Dynastar Twinboard Alphabet
                            Canon M7

                            hope to see you guys sometimes,,,
                            maybe when u guys come to mt. creek
                            i see some video clips with you guys in mt. creek
                            i love to ride with lotta skiboarders but seems like
                            i'm the only one riding on mt. creek..
                            besides all those skiblades that's
                            rented out to learn how to ski .....

                            well juss sayin hi, i've known this site for 3 yrs. but first time posting. .... thanks to all you guys for spreadin the words of
                            SKIBOARD !
                            "don't let this sport die on us"

                            REVEL8 EMP's w/FF PRO
                            LINE MNP'S w/ FF PRO
                            LINE WEAPON w/ FF PRO
                            LINE BULLET w/ FF CAM
                            LINE FIVE-O
                            LINE JEDI
                            DYNASTAR TWIN ALPHABET
                            CANON NEIL LYONS
                            CANON M7


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                              your not the onlt border at creek... i am there usually around 3 to 4 times a week, and i got a few local friend skiboarders let alone i have met up with g mike and ron on a "non event" it was a random night we went... school is 5 min down the road from creek... if your planin on going first day gimme a pm or somethign and i might be able to meet up w/ you.
                              i'm no leader
                              i just can't see myself following you...
                              and that's not in a "heavy" way you...
                              to phrase a dying wish quasi-question3ly...
                              not you personally but...
                              you personally...
                              ...i just "brought some of the words i write
                              the way i write them..."
                              -dose one