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    Hi all!

    As many of you may know, it's been a dream of mine to arrange "Big Air Fieasta" (BAF) in my hometown Dokka, Norway.
    Beuraucracy and other factors has put these plans "6 feet under" for this year, but I sure ain't gonna give up.

    I've been scoping around alot, and I do believe I have found the perfect location for a great event next year.

    The land owner is positive, but he needs a more thorough briefing on the whole thing before he says yes for sure.

    This place is perfect for boxes, rails, quarters, even the odd road gap!

    The reason why I'm posting this now, is that I want to inspire all of you! I want this to go down as the craziest few days of skiboarding and partying yet in history, therefore I need your help!

    This is gonna be a SKIBOARDING ONLY event (yet snowblades will be allowed, as many crazy @$$ kids have them, and we could need the recruitation), and therefore we need skiboarders to decide how its gonna work out!

    For instance: What would you want us to build? Funboxes? Rails?And how big should they be?

    If we can all discuss this and communicate around it, we're gonna have a great event for those interested!

    And better yet; it being aprox one year down the road (March 2007) , it should be possible for many international riders to show!

    It'd be a thrill to see the Revel8 guys there, alongside with us in Loken Industries and others!

    At the location I scoped out, these features are present:

    Multiple electricity sources (we can have DJ's, bands, lights + +).
    Showers (always nice).
    Sleeping facilities (not the Hilton, but bring a sleeping bag).
    Sleeping facilities II (we're setting up some lávvos).
    Sleeping facilities III (roadtrippers can park their caravans here).
    Concert stage ("Cosy and intimate" with fireplace, yet kicking!).
    Rednecks (they leave you alone.. mostly).

    I'll get my camera, and take some pictures of the place.

    Let's put together the event your'e gonna tell your grandchildren about!

    See you all there!

    Bare død fisk svømmer medstrøms

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    I wouldn't mind taking a trip to Norway sometime! Maybe by then I'll have some paid vacation time accumulated and enough money for a plane ride. I, for one, am ALL for it.


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      If you need help building rails, boxes, etc. I would be happy to help. I can assemble here and then ship the parts to you. Shipping may be heafty but if it helps promote skiboarding then there is no reason not to do it.


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        Sounds like a blast I hope it all works out!


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          Really, the rednecks down there aren't anything to be afraid of. They talk a bit weird, but then again, that could allso be said about Ola

          Come on folks, I'm sure you've got some bright ideas to contribute with here...

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            sounds like it will be great, sadly i wont be able to get out of school to go to Norway so i wont make it...maybe some day
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              Personally I think it sounds like an awesome idea and can't really think of much more that I would like to do other than ride, chill with other skiboarders, and see a few shows, but I hightly highly doubt that many riders other than the pros will be able to get out there, and the pros will probably only be able to make it out there if their sponsors help em out. I personally won't be able to get out there, and even if I had the cash or some way to get there I'm not sure if I would be able to.
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                I know it's hard for people in the states to travel to Europe. I wish it were like over here where you can travel all over for a reasonable price.
                Sometimes, though you are able to find ingenious ways to travel over here. Maybe with enough time and fore thought more people can attend???


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                  Id probably find a way over there if i wasnt still in high school...its too bad but I probably wont be able to go to all the events, hang out with you guys, and skiboard as much as Bailey (lucky bastard) until college, which is probably for the best
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                    Too bad it wasn't in Italy, I could house some people.


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                      I might be interested in that I think. Hopefully you might get a few other people from the UK, as it ain't too far to Norway. I've always fancied going there aswell