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Redemption (coming back from the darkside)

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  • Redemption (coming back from the darkside)

    I have spent a lot of the last 2 seasons skiing longish skis (161 & 164cm). Last month I did a ski-do back country tour on my 164cm Rossi soul 7’s and for of the session I was yearning for my ospreys or rCondors. For ankle to mid shin deep fresh snow the soul 7’s performed flawlessly. On this trip was the snow atypical for Australia, almost Japanese quality knee to thigh deep dry fresh snow. The kind of snow the Ospreys and rCondors are in their element, the soul 7s just sucked. They were too short for their width to float me, but they were too long to ski on their tails, as I would on skiboards in this situation.
    Though I did not have the greatest day I learnt a few lessons from the experience.
    A new appreciation for how great the Ospreys are in powder. I’m glad I took them to Japan last couple of trips, the soul 7’s now won’t be taking a trip there.
    Soft tails or setback are important for comfortable powder skiing. I have skied summit marauders in powder with no set back, it is possible but tiring to ride them on tails. From memory the marauders when skied on the tails felt more in control than the soul 7’s on the tails.
    I do enjoy the comfort and stability of the camber and length of the soul 7’s when hitting variable snow compared to the zero camber of my recent skiboards. So now I am seriously considering getting some Spruce Sherpa’s for next season. I am also curious about Fighting For Air’s Yeti custom skiboards.
    How did the 2nd prototypes ride compared to the round 1 boards? Has anyone else got coda to build some boards to these spec’s? Would Spruce be interested in making something similar to these in the near future?

    Spruce Ospreys 130cm
    Summit Marauders 125cm
    RVL8 RCondors 110cm
    RVL8 KTPs 101cm

    Rossignol Soul 7 164cm
    Head Ethan Too 161cm

    Spruce Pro prime plus Risers
    Technine softboot bindings

    Ozone Imp 2.5m Kite
    Ozone Access 6m Kite
    Ozone Access 8m Kite