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When ur Spliff comes out partyin' with u

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  • When ur Spliff comes out partyin' with u

    Ski Patrol year-end party fiasco (Hung like a Horse) was last night... with a 90's theme. So I brought one of my Spliffs out to party... nothing more 90's than skiboarding, eh? Anyways, ol' Spliffy is kind of a lightweight...

    Passed the __ck out on the couch by 1:30 AM.

    Brought a bunch of sharpies out with me and had friends, lifties, patrollers, instructors etc sign it. Rode it today.. the staff weren't looking so perky this afternoon, but the snow was decent. As the only regular skiboarder at the hill, and with 49 days in, I'm fairly well-known at Kicking Horse.

    I didn't really notice the mandatory phallus on it until this morning... a q-tip with some alcohol took care of most of it.
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