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    So I have been wondering how others ride? Let me explain. When I first stated this adventure on RVL8 boards, I was all over the place. My weight while skiing was on my toes, on my heels, on the balls of my feet, etc. This year I was properly fitted for boots which seemed to help my ability. I also found DLPs recently which is when I discovered this "technique" that I have gotten really comfortable with.

    Once on the DLPs it just kid of happened. I noticed that my weight seemed to shift towards my heels while I'm riding. Not on my heels exactly but almost directly between the arch of my foot and the heel. It gives me the feel of kind of being "in the back seat" so to speak. I am able to carve with no issues, seems to float over powder (East coast 6-10in), I tackled my local double blacks with moguls and was fine. I have not had any issues with weight shift, transitions, or even going backwards(not extremely comfortable with this, going slow for short distances I like, but not fast). I don't know if there is a proper way to ride, but I found my comfort level in this technique. I have ridden it with my DLPs and Revolts and it seems to feel good.

    I know everyone is different, but I wanted to see what others thought on the matter.
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    The feeling of your weight shifting towards your heels might be normal. Maybe you have gotten used to leaning too forward and are now in a more balanced stance. Maybe you're standing more upright. Maybe you're pivoting a little at your waist to bring your feet forward. You could try micro adjusting your boots and bindings to change your center or lean. But you seem comfortable and in control, so I wouldn't worry about what might be the "proper" way to ride. Just enjoy!


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      My feeling is exactly the seem when skiboarding. I find it sometimes helpful when I'm skidding away on ice and my boards start to vibrate to put a bit more pressure om my toes. The boards then relax back and I can continue to ride chill or hard.


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        I seem to ride and guide with my heels when Iím standing up, but when I carve and hard acceleration turns I use the balls of my feet to really crank it over

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