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How did you get into Skiboarding? Here is my story dating back to 2003!

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  • How did you get into Skiboarding? Here is my story dating back to 2003!

    So I posted this on our facebook group and had a great turn out!

    If you want to join us there, here is our link:

    I wanted to hear Story Time:

    How did Everyone get into Skiboarding?

    In 2003 I was long skiing and just getting into social videos on tricks and I ran accross from MYSPACE and I still remember the song that autoplayed everytime the page loaded. I watched videos of Kirk Doing frontflips out of a half pipe with like 2ft of air filmed on what i'm pretty sure was a Potato. I spoke with Courtney Celley and she lead me to Greco. I met him randomly at Mount Butternut and he handed me a pair of Groove boards to try out. After 2 runs through the park I was in love. I immediately sold my long skis and have been riding skiboards since.

    Here is one of the first big skiboard meets i made. back in 2007 at Mnt Creek!



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    A not so long time ago (couple of months) I saw two ladies snowblading at our local indoor mountain. They were really agile and I went on to do some research on the internet. I found out that they were snowblades, and a lot of people seemed to hate on them and call it not real skiing. I was really interested, because even though I skied 160 cm skis at that time (I'm 187 cm myself), I found them to be really hard to twist in the beginner freestyle I was doing.

    I own a season pass at the indoor mountain, since there is no elevation and almost no snow (probably a couple of days a year a few cm's, and it melts away quickly) here the Netherlands. I liked skiing for a bit, but it was starting to become really dull and skis were just so unwieldy. Then I stumbled upon SBOL and the video's of Talon Sei where I saw the pros doing radical tricks and having so much more fun on the snow. I went on to research where I could buy these, but that was even a harder part.

    Since I already read a lot on SBOL I knew I had to stay away from the snowblades and buy a good quality set of real skiboards. I researched online and the second-hand market, since I had not much money to spend and after a good while I found a pair of Eman Uprise boards that I could pick up, but I had to go to Belgium. That ended up being a nice train trip and after one day I immediately put them to the test. When I stepped in, I felt like I had nothing on my feet! I went on to ski some runs in (only 200m per run sadly...), and after two or three runs I was in love with them. Normally I would go to the indoor only 1 time a month, and now I found myself going twice or three times a week. Each and everytime I rode longer then on skis, and I was disappointed when the lifts would shut down at 10 PM, with me being the last in the hall. I went on doing my beginner freestyle stuff and found myself doing new things every evening I went skiboarding. In only two months I dialed the 180s both sides, box slides (unfortunately, there were no rails set up last two months), a ton of different grabs and I even got some front swaps in already. I practiced 360s too, but there were only real small bunny jumps when I tried that.

    After a while I thought again that skis could be better for the jumping I was trying. I found myself washing out on the landings a lot, so I bought a cheap pair of used twintips, thinking that would be better. At first I liked the extra stability, but after a few sessions, the dullness came back, and I found myself having too much stability to be creative. The twintips are currently on sale, so I guess I am a real skiboarder for life now... I guess I'll have to work on my jumping stability and staying centered, but seeing Dave Lynam do a switch double cork 900 gives me the trust that it's just something in technique and not in the skiboards.


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      I think the first exposure I had to skiboarding was an article in Freeze magazine about the filming of SB1, way back in the last millennium. I tried a pair of Dynastar Twins on a demo day at my local hill, and ended up buying the demo pair at the end of the season. Put a season or less on those beasts before upgrading to Canon M7s (snapped a Canon early season last year, but still have the Twins).

      I had a gap of about 10 years where I was too far from the mountains to make an honest go of it, but regained my senses eventually, and got back on the hill. I put another few seasons on my old Canons, then moved to the big mountains and got a pair of Spliffs. Total game changer. Now I just want it to be winter all year long....

      I'm not much for tricks, just big steep lines at top speed.
      Make Skiboarding Sexy Again