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    Well, yeah I know that numbers don't really mean anything, but I've been tracking runs this year just to see how much I've rode. It's been that extra motivation to get up a little earlier, put in an extra run at the end of the day, and have fun ripping speed laps. It's definitely been a skill and strength booster of a year, especially since there's been almost no powder days. 52 days in, with 2+ days left. Work's a bit slow this time of the year, so I've had some bonus mid-week afternoons to ride.

    Anyways, cutting to the vertical part... as of my last run today I've racked up


    this season.

    My poor beat-up pair of Spliffs saw the lion's share of that, and two full seasons before, so they may be pushing the 2 million mark overall and haven't quit. I've been patching p-tex on a near-weekly basis lately, and dang near blew an edge today, but I'd say I got my money's worth out of 'em. I'm sure they've seen 100 days of riding over the last three seasons, and the right one did most of that with a bent edge and serious core shot. Three cheers to Greco for putting out a good product and offering ace support for my destructive tendencies!

    PS: It's good to be back on the home hill; most days I get out for some runs with at least one set of friends, sometimes multiple sets. Some days, I just do solo missions and enjoy every minute of that, too!
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      Congrats ! and props for representing skiboarding on a big mountain where your the only one on the little boards !
      I agree that the Spliffs are a fantastic all around skiboard and great for off piste steeps !
      Boards :

      K2 BFC 100

      Zero Pro Non release Binding
      Modified Receptor Backcountry Bindings (Bill Version and Slow Version)
      Spruce ProPrime Plus Binding/Riser with Attack 13 GW binding
      Custom Risers with Fritschi Backcountry Bindings (Jeff Singer version 1, Bill version)


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        It's been a fun year.

        Giving 'er on skiboards has been getting a bit of attention for sure. I've had both friends and random hill-people (lifties etc) who are keen to try them out.

        The hill closes after this weekend, but I think there's going to be a bit of a Blade Day rally on Saturday. I know a few people who can dig some old Salomons out of the closet, and I'll bring whatever I can. I'll lend out the Spliffs, put some poor sucker on my old Dynastar Twins, and might have to ride a mismatched Spliff/DLP combo for a couple of runs to free up some gear (broke my other DLP, and have one spare Spliff on hand). Might even take some Snowblades out for a rip, not sure if I ever have. Will try to remember a camera to get some shots.
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          Just coming down from a 9 day riding bender. Have done 205,000 or better feet of vertical this season, on a trashed-out pair of Spliffs. Today was insanity, got shown a new cliff band, hit some major steep, untouched, kneedeep powder shots in a stash I know, hiked out to pow and more pow. We've had 65 cm this week, but it's been mostly in regular doses.
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            Bagged a full 50,000 ft day last Saturday, in 6 hours. I think it's possible to do a 60,000 footer later in the season, once the resort's open 'till 4 pm. I started an hour late last week...

            There's a good storm rolling through right now, so I'll just be enjoying my new Spliffs this weekend.
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              Originally posted by Steeps View Post
              Bagged a full 50,000 ft day last Saturday, in 6 hours. I think it's possible to do a 60,000 footer later in the season, once the resort's open 'till 4 pm. I started an hour late last week...

              There's a good storm rolling through right now, so I'll just be enjoying my new Spliffs this weekend.
              skiboarding GOALS right there... I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous.


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                We have a good bit of drop around here, it makes it easy when the gondola gets up 3500 ft in 12 minutes. Not so much when you get stuck on it for 45 minutes like Sunday.

                Saturday was a write-off too... stood in the rain for 45 min pre-opening to catch some powder. The bit of alpine that you could see was really good, the bottom of the hill was goo, and there were some great turns in between. There was enough snow to really let loose on a few tight tree & drop lines... had a really great shot that drops a narrow path through trees alongside a cliff, then sets you up (with a quick speed check) for a beauty drop off a what's probably a big pushed-over tree clump, dropping back into the trees. Apparently a smallish sluffy slide chased me down; I landed on the tip of it coming out of the drop and rode away. I didn't register, but my buddy behind me was yelling "Don't Stop!". No worries there..

                When we got back to the top of the gondy, we dropped to the upper-mountain chair to go hit some better snow. The wind picked up and started gusting hard, causing the chair to stop midway up. The cold got a little more bearable once our rain soaked gear turned to a wind-proof armor of ice. :P We were stuck for about 20 minutes, with gusts tilting the chair at least 10 degrees at times and blasts of whipping snow. Bit of a pain, but once we were up and I was back on my feet it was pretty cool to be out in, with the gusts changing directions suddenly and throwing you around on the cat track along the ridge. People were huddled on the ground trying to take cover. The run down was one of my favorite shots of the season, through nice skiboarder-spaced glades, knee-deep powder face shots, and enough pitch to keep a decent ripping speed (it can always be steeper, but this was good enough).

                The bottom had become a little less gluey by the time we got down, but the gondola was totally shut down due to wind. Game over. In any case, there was limited terrain open as the ski patrol couldn't bomb fast enough to keep up with the wind loading, and avalanche conditions were extreme.

                Sunday conditions were even better, as most of the snow was still there from the day before, lots more had blown in, and patrol had caught up with some of the terrain. We passed up first tracks on Dutch Wallet (requires roping down a cliff to get to), as we were a little leery of it sliding, but hit some untouched adjacent chutes. Got stuck on the gondy next run... one of the women with us was trying to bust the door open so she could jump out. She's a wicked snowboarder, so I'm sure she would have landed it fine (we weren't that high up), but it got moving before she managed it. Did another chairlift to check out Dutch Wallet (now that we'd rode similar snow), but it had been poached by then. Cut out to the stash area at the end of the ridge, and got untouched tracks on a chute I've never been in before and didn't know the entrance to. Thanks buddy!

                The gondola was done for the day at this point.. Game over again.

                Eh, at least I got some laps in last week.
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                  We've had PoleCat (snowmaker) powder this year here in PA. That is really all we have gotten. Now yesterday and today it is 50 degrees and raining for the rest of the week. We have not had a winter yet here. I'm hoping that in the next month we get a cold snap enough to repair the mountains and hopefully get some real snow.