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  • B Lyfe Skiboard Series

    The First episode will be posted here this Friday (Dec 6th, 2013) at 7pm!

    11/17/2013: super foggy rainy day at mount snow. Just good to be out on skiboards again. The RC's have become my favorite skiboard of all time, Kevin dusted off his Revolt Trees and we went for a springtime like shred.

    We both fell and ended up soaked, from complete lack of vision. You could barely see the definition of the snow 3ft in-front of you. The RC's sure plowed through everything though.

    11/23/2013: great weather, not too cold, but it did get a bit windy at the top of Carinthia (mount snow). We both got to session their park which had some great rail set ups and a 25-30ftr at the base. Got some fun footage. Conditions got icey in the afternoon which lead us to a beer and lunch early. Footage in the following week.

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    Glad to hear that you and Kevin are picking up where the Junk Show left off. I look forward to your posts.

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      I've sent over some suggestions
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        I cant wait for the first episode and the *insert webseries show name here* Midwest tour!


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          Jealous of your time together.....


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            I am looking forward to this very much.
            I'm a snollerblader.

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              First Episode drops this Friday! at 7pm Eastern



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                Sick - can't wait!