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Life & Death of Canon?

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  • Life & Death of Canon?

    Hey G, or really anyone from the 2000-2004 riding era. What the hell happened to Tibor and Canon Skiboards in general? Seems like the moment i signed w/them back in '04...shit hit the fan and Canon became non-existent. Did they magically get bought out, bankruptcy, abandonment like a frickled red head half sibling or what? I don't get on the board to often at all. So G, or anyone really w/answers. Email me at

    There's a couple of pairs of Line skiboards on ebay going right now. One ends in a couple of hours.
    have a safe season peeps

    -have you seen my poopie??

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    It's really difficult for small skiboard companies to get boards made period much less on time and with good quality. Canon's manufacturer was making them later and later each year and I think Tibor was tired of all the hassles, he just stopped. He moved on to the Real Estate business and is doing well I believe.