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Life & Death of Canon?

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  • Greco
    It's really difficult for small skiboard companies to get boards made period much less on time and with good quality. Canon's manufacturer was making them later and later each year and I think Tibor was tired of all the hassles, he just stopped. He moved on to the Real Estate business and is doing well I believe.

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  • Jeff Miles
    started a topic Life & Death of Canon?

    Life & Death of Canon?

    Hey G, or really anyone from the 2000-2004 riding era. What the hell happened to Tibor and Canon Skiboards in general? Seems like the moment i signed w/them back in '04...shit hit the fan and Canon became non-existent. Did they magically get bought out, bankruptcy, abandonment like a frickled red head half sibling or what? I don't get on the board to often at all. So G, or anyone really w/answers. Email me at

    There's a couple of pairs of Line skiboards on ebay going right now. One ends in a couple of hours.
    have a safe season peeps