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What does everyone do (exercise wise) to prepare for skiboarding season?

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    Originally posted by Matthies View Post
    Iím pretty regimented in my pre and during the season exercise program, focusing on making sure I keep my body fueled with the right foods for ultimate on slope performance.

    Breakfast: Vodka in chilled glass slightly shaken by my trembling hand.

    Mid-morning snack: Scotch

    Lunch: Gin, assortment of fried cheese products, and two cigarettes to ensure I have the daily recommend does of carcinogens.

    Afternoon snack: Swig of whisky from the bottle

    Dinner: Wine from a box, and supreme pizza so I get my veggies.


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      In order to prepare for my first season skiboarding, I took up running competitively. I ran cross country for my school, and currently indoor track as a distance runner. I truly feel that this has placed me in great shape, and I look forward to maintaining this and building upon this for next season and the seasons to follow.
      I Ski 4 Smitty.