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Sell Revel8s through actual storefronts?

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    I go to all the shops in my area and drop off flyers yearly, to my knowledge nobody has ever picked up revel8
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      I think the answer lies in letting people try for free! Every day hundreds of people spend hundreds of dollars renting equipment. In our area here in cali company's do "DEMO DAYS" all the time. My father makes sure he hits the mountain on demo days to try out the newest most badass gear. If revel8 and Spruce even did a 2 week tour of 10 or 12 resorts there would be a huge eye opening of the clientele as well as possibly the park staff. Not to mention the sale of the product after the best day on the slopes every person that took a demo had! When handing out stickers and cards for revel8 every day at the slopes people instantly tell me they will for sure rent those next time instead of the snowboard they are having the worst day on.... then I tell them they aren't available for rent The whole conversation is then dismissed.
      Not to mention both companies have more than capable and loyal members everywhere that could carry out an operation at a local mountain without Jeff and G taking the time and spending the money make it happen on their own.

      Think about it.
      They dont sell because they dont know.
      they dont know because they arent on the mountain or the shelves
      they arent on the mountain or the shelves because they dont sell
      because people are afraid to spend hundreds of dollars on something they aren't sure they will like
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        Originally posted by Bill View Post
        Another potential market group are ice hockey players. Playing hockey made skiboarding very intuative for me. If you've ever tried to skate on "racing skates"---those long, flat skates used in the olympics for speed events---they're comparable to skis where hockey skates (short, nimble and rockered) are analagous to skiboards.

        I've rollerbladed (or at least played roller hockey), they're big fun but harder (at least for me) to maneuver on and really awkward to stop. A hockey stop on skiboards and hockey skates is nearly the exact same thing.
        This. I liked skiing but i was never good at it as i always felt awkward. I was on the ice at kent state more than i was in class. When i finally got the nerve to buy boards, i was better in one day than i was on skiis for years.


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          I had finally convinced the operators of a local mountain here in Oregon (Hoodoo) to let me set up a demo with them this coming season. Hoodoo is very open to alternative forms of riding. They host skibike and Skykke (like the ski bike but you stand up on them) events. They were even going to volunteer one of the techs in their rental shop to do binding setup for me. Now that I have several sets of boards and several sets of bindings (including the prototype adjustable setup that Jeff provided for me), it was gonna work great and knowing the kind of crowd that Hoodoo attracts, I'm sure we would have drummed up some business there.

          However, now that I'm moving, I'm going to have to try again in Utah. I think the key will be to find a small ski area that is a bit more accomodating than the larger resorts are likely to be.

          I'm not giving up. I am bound and determined to get a demo day out west here somewhere at some point.
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