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Is skiboarding a form of skiing?

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    I never fell in love with Ski. (i loved snow)
    I fell in love with Skiboards right away.
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      is cross country skiing, skiing?
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        Originally posted by fourdown View Post

        We are so concerned with genres in American culture that we find the need to define this all in the first place. If we had to make it a genre, then yes, skiboarding is skiing. If it only matters to us the type of riding we do, it's skiboarding and the style we ride. So, this discussion is more about genres than it is about the sport itself.
        You have a great point. I do however feel that a sense of what one does and is helps in many aspects, and that genres might not be the best term for what it is that we are looking for in this thread- but it's the best word so far.

        I can think of runners as runners. Track atheletes that run all day- training. But Sprinters are sprinters and are very diifferent in their training and mentality than say- a long distance runner- but both train to run- and are both runners- but are so different that it's impossible to call a sprinter the same as a distance runner- they will even look different biologically.

        I think it's okay to think of what we do as different- otherwise people wouldn't stare- point- and ask questions.


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          Originally posted by Roussel View Post
          is cross country skiing, skiing?
          The definition is in the name. Once again, same genus, different species.
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