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Bruce Lee and the Monkey King of Skiboarding

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  • Bruce Lee and the Monkey King of Skiboarding

    Many here know of Bruce Lee , famous martial artist , but what many do not know was that he was a skiboarder as well. My avatar is a representation of him holding his favorite snow sliding device , the skiboard. The world heard that Bruce Lee died an untimely death years ago , that is not quite true . I was able to find him after much searching at a secret temple in China over the summer and was able to ask him some questions about skiboarding and how he feels about the current skiboarding scene.
    Here is the transcript of my interview with Mr. Lee.

    He is a bit older now . but still in great shape .

    Thank for granting me this interview , Master Lee . I am most honored .

    Cut the crap , Jack and get to the point !

    Jack : Oh , sorry .. … what is skiboarding ?


    It is a kind of snow sliding art that does away with distinctions , an art that rejects formality , and an art that is liberated from tradition .

    Jack :
    How so?

    You see , “ Skiboarding” is only a name , just like “ Skiing “ , “Newschool skiing” , “ Snowboarding” We all ride . True freedom of expression begins when one is devoid of set patterns, and systems. Truth cannot be structured or confined. Man is constantly growing . And when he is bound by a set pattern of ideas or Way of doing things, that’s when he stops growing . To be bound by a traditional snow sliding style and to denigrate other styles , is the way of the mindless , enslaved rider. Skiboarding is just being . It is an experience, a Way that is not a Way . More and more I pity the riders that are blinded by their partiality and ignorance.

    Jack: How is skiboarding different?

    Bruce: The art of skiboarding is simply to simplify. It is being oneself on the snow. Skiboarding does not beat around the bush . It is the purest, simplest and most direct form of riding.

    Jack : How should we train ?


    The outstanding characteristic of the expert rider is his ‘ease of movement’, even during maximal effort . The novice is characterized by his tenseness, wasted motion and excess effort. Good form is the most efficient manner to perform a trick with a minimum of lost motion and wasted energy. The first step is to acquire a feeling of relaxation as you approach a particular trick . The second step is to practice over and over until this feeling can be reproduced at will . Of course you must be able to perform the trick technically which is important but in the end you should be confident that you CAN perform it and then relax . The third step is to to reproduce that feeling voluntarily in potentially tension –creating situations such as learing new and potentially dangerous techniques. The ability to know what the muscle is doing is called “ kinesthetic perception”, Kinesthetic perception is developed by consiciously placing the body and its parts in a given position and getting the feeling of it . This feeling of balance or imbalance, grace or awkwardness ,serves as a constant guide to the body as it moves . Kinesthetic perception should be developed to such a degree that the body is uncomfortable unless it performs each motion with a minimum of effort to produce maximal results .

    Jack : Can you think of a current rider who exemplifies what you are talking about ?

    Bruce :
    Why, of course.
    The Monkey King of Skiboarding is such a rider .

    Jack : The Monkey King ????

    Bruce: You do not know the Monkey King?
    Let me tell you the story .

    Jack : Ah Yes… the Monkey King of Skiboarding ….

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    Excellent interview Jack. I almost missed it, glad I did not.

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      haha awesome good read.


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        thank you for the flattery mr jack