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Make a statement with where you spend your money !

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  • Make a statement with where you spend your money !

    As we enter the new retail season and are deciding how to spend our hard earned money on the sport we love and how we guide others in making their decisions , there is one important point that is very important to make .We as skiboarders speak about the future of our sport and make a strong statement about the businesses we support by where we spend our money . This is a very small niche sport and the businesses that make the products we need and love are all very small and operating on a razor thin profit margin . This sport is no longer a corporate side line as it was in the days of Line and Salomon but a sport that is alive because of the dedication of small businessmen who believe in and support the idea that skiboarding is alive and will not die and will grow and be around far into the future . When you think about where to spend your money , all I ask is that you understand that the money you spend will go a long way to insure that skiboarding will thrive and be around in the future if you think wisely about where to spend it . Think about the company that you are buying your skiboard equipment from and ask yourself if that company is supporting riders , supporting skiboard competitions , supporting annual rider meetings, supporting research and design in new skiboard products , developing superb videos that showcase where the sport is going , and supporting a community by managing an open online community forum . Money is important , and where you and I spend our money says a whole lot about how we feel about the sport and about our community . Every time I place an order or think about where I will buy my skiboard equipment I am thinking about this. I understand that all skiboard companies are not alike , there are big differences in how they support the sport and I understand that where I spend my money is making a very big statement about how I feel about it. Support skiboard companies that deeply care about the sport and about where that sport is going . Support skiboard companies that care about us as riders and as a community . Support companies in which the owners of the companies join us and ride with us and get to know us as individuals and not just as nameless consumers of their products. If you want to see this sport thrive doing this is very important. Enough said .
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    Well stated Jack.

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      Highly agreed

      Originally posted by jjue View Post
      ...developing superb videos that showcase where the sport is going...
      I'm a snollerblader.

      Go big or go home.

      "Just keep on doin' it if you love it. If you don't, scram!" - Angel Soto, SFA, 1996


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          Just wanted to point out that these are words to live by, replace skiboards with anything you buy. You're always voting when you spend your money.
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            Amen, amen, AMEN!
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