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Revel8 2011 site is live!!!

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  • Revel8 2011 site is live!!!

    Finally get to see the new boards!!!
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    I want to because you said I couldn't.

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    looks good
    you never really don't realize it, you just quit caring...


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      YAHOO!!! Will there be a new BWP? I know he's hung up his boards but will there be no boards between the Tansho and the KTP? CRAP!!!
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        Prefer new Condor colors
        Crossbow (go to dream board)
        Most everything else over time.
        Go Android


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          Congrats on DLP!!!!

          i thought it would come with purple or red like Dave's clothes. but still cool!
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            Boards look great! I really enjoy the graphics on the KTP's this year, bad ass!
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              Lovely looking site but the dealers page especially is taking forever to display, its like being back in 1996 again!