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2011 Summer Event . . . . . . possiblity

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  • 2011 Summer Event . . . . . . possiblity

    Hey guys, how's it going? Hope everyone's having a rad summer. What a weird time to be thinking about skiboarding, right? Well, that's exactly what I wanted to discuss with everyone. As most of you probably already know, myself along with most of the Revel8 pro and flow team went down to do some riding in Lynchburg, Virginia at the Liberty Snow Flex Center. It turned out to be better than we had expected. Some really great things came out of that weekend, which you will get a chance to see this fall when the video is released. Among other things one of my intentions of going down there was to look at the possibility of a future summer event. At the end of the weekend I spent some time discussing things of that nature with them and they seemed interested. They have no problem getting sponsors because of the rare nature of a facility like theirs.

    My purpose for creating this post is to get some ideas and suggestions from you guys as well as see who would be possible participants. The sessions run from 6pm-12am so the temperatures are not a problem at all. At no point were we complaining of the heat. You are however required to wear long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and a helmet. While it took no time at all to get used to riding and landing on the surface, if you fall and you bare skin slides on it, you will get scraped up good. It's the equivalent of sliding down a hill made up of the rough side of Velcro. Falling with the clothes they tell you to wear is totally fine, and is even softer landings due to a shock absorption material beneath the surface. Translation, wear the clothes and it doesn't hurt all that much to fall. Their setup is as follows: 30' jump, 15' jump, knuckle/lip takeoff, 15' quarter-pipe, 20' wall-ride, C-Box, Urban Down-rail/box, Down-Flat-Down, Flat Box, Up Box, and a Battleship. While the jumps seem small the landing is really long so you can take it as deep as you want without worrying about going to flat. There is no problem taking it 50-70 feet, trust me. There is a big drop in for the jumps so speed is never an issue. The kicker for the 15' jump is about 3' high and the kicker for the 30' jump is about 6' high.

    They have held five competitions there already and a sixth coming up soon. All of their competitions have been mixed, snowboarders and skiers. Our trip there was the first time that they had skiboarders on the mountain and they absolutely loved us. So, at the end of the weekend the ideas were thrown around about a possible future event. This could mean a meet-up, a competition, or a combination of the two. I would like your input on the matter to see if this thing could and would really happen. It wouldn't be until 2011 in either June, July, or August. The possibilities are almost unlimited. Big Air, Rail Jam, Quarter-Pipe High Jump, Split Pro and Am Divisions, Mixed Divisions, Split Men and Women Divisions, making it just a meet/training weekend, etc...

    This is a brand new idea, a summer event, and since our sport is small this would be a great chance to not only get it noticed more, but make it look good. The end result would be an official, organized event. So please, make some constructive comments based upon this and your own ideas. Thanks for taking your time to get involved.
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  • #2 would be more than happy to be a sponsor in whatever way we can!

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      I didn't even think something like this existed in the US! I am by far not a pro in any park skills, but would definitely make a good hard attempt to go! The sooner the details the better.
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        It's a pretty good idea for sure! For those who thought you couldn't hit the slopes and get a skiboard fix during the summers in the good ole' U.S. ..... well now you can!
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          go fourdown!! haha you beat me to the flowteam!!! lol

          great job putting these stuff together.

          I haven't been there yet but I am trying to make it this weekend and see how it is. I am sure I will love it. If I still live in the same area next year, Liberty is very close so I would love to go there as much as I can.

          If we can throw a meet up/competition for one weekend just like how we have US open every year, that would be awesome. Am/pro division, slope style and rail jam and big air!

          it would be also nice, if lots of people are coming, we can throw little teaching/learning session for those who are not familiar with using parks (since snowflex is mostly park) or beginner skiboarders for carving and stuff.

          let's make this happen please!! let me know if you need any of my help
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            Looks awesome!! Good Job mate!! Represent and spread the word!! Yeah Would be awesome to get there and stuff.
            Rail jam would be the most fun for me to participate!!


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              Sounds like a great idea and (if sponsors are easy to come by as you note) an awesome opportunity to gain exposure for our sport. Having a quarter pipe feature as its own event or within an event would also be really cool.

              Personally, I wouldn't consider it a training opportunity because in my experience, progression comes with regular practice: this event would be held in the middle of the off-season. However, if someone lived in the area and skiboarded throughout the off season, that would be the ultimate training.

              Put me down as "I want to come but can't commit to attending at this time."



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                Would they allow snow bikes?.....

                I'd be up for coming out east and bringing some friends to have a snowbike class if they'd allow it. I could also brings some bikes to do a demo and teach anyone interested in learning how to ride.



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                  Sounds like a good idea to me. If it happens and I have the means to make it there, I probably will.
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                    sounds like a fun idea Dave . im down for what ever works out .


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                      You can add me to the "Want to attend but unable to commit" too. I'd love to hit something like that next summer, but I've got no idea what my school/work situation will be like then.
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                        After we see your video, we gonna get more ideas, i'm sure!

                        For me - reality is such, if i go to US, i can make it once, and not twice a year, but who knows, you never know.


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                          m ready to ride a bike with brandon