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Powder can kill.

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  • Powder can kill.

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    thats a good eye opener vid. lucky for that guy he was with a friend. be safe everyone.
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      dam thats scary, hes lucky he had good friends man, his friend felt bad that he couldnt make it to him faster.

      im def gonna remember this next week when i go out west, sh*t can go bad real fast


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        C U N DA SNOW!


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          You hear about this all the time when people don't realize how deep the powder can be around trees. I think it was two years ago where someone died at Steamboat because he got caught in a tree gully and suffocated upside down.
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            Yeah, tree wells are a big problem. There have been a couple Colorado deaths this season from em. The problem isn't so much that the powder is deep around the trees, but rather that the powder around the tree's base is often a lot less dense than the powder around it due to the shielding of the branches. You hit that pocket of less dense snow and fall right it.

            Skiing in a dangerous sport. On powder days or in the glades, it is usually a bad idea to go solo. I know I'm guilty of doing it, but I make it a point to only ski areas that I know well or that get a lot of travel. Even so, it is a big risk. For deep days, I have an avalung which I like to think will help me, but I have yet to have a day with enough powder that it was worth having out.
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