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  • Leki Trigger Gloves & Poles

    I just got the first half of a Leki clip on pole system, a new set of Leki gloves.
    These are Leki model Detect XT 3D, and they are fantastic so far.
    I've worn liners & shells for years.
    These Leki's are so nice I really don't want to tear the guts out of them to use them as shells.
    I did get one size larger than I usually get because I didn't know if they use EU or US sizing.
    Anyway, they fit fine and there's enough room to wear thin liners if I really need to.
    But, I doubt liners will be needed.

    Permaloft insulation is extremely warm.
    Soft-Tex waterproof layer that's very quiet and soft.
    They may be too warm for spring skiing.
    Zippered Hot Hands packet pockets on the back of each hand.
    Retention leashes with elastic wrist straps.
    Large gauntlets with snow cuffs.
    Leki trigger loops between thumb & forefingers, fits both S & the newer 3D pole triggers.
    Selection and price on fleabay were reasonable.

    The trigger loops are some kind of cord material, was expecting a metal ring.
    Doesn't have a built in goggle ice scraper.
    Hand washing recommended, washing machine not recommended.
    Care instructions advice using leather conditioner and fabric waterproofing spray after washing.

    Now I've got to pick out a new set of Leki poles with a glove trigger release system,
    something with plain subdued colors that don't scream STEAL ME.

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    I did pick up a pair of Leki Trigger 3d, adjustable poles. They are very plain looking flat black with just a little bit of orange. They mate perfectly with the Leki gloves. I watched World Cup races this weekend at Aspen and at least half of those racers had Leki trigger poles. It was interesting to note that they had on the small trekking cups on their race poles, which makes sense with the hard pack & ice on the course.