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    I have 18 skiboard days on the Head Speed Disc System - - I did change boards from cambered KTPs to Rockered Condors to Line 90cm Jedi's on some days. This is my 2nd full year on soft boots. I get lots of hits on the set-up mostly by Snowboarders - -

    I won't go back to ski boots and never to release bindings -- now to a few items from this topic:

    #1: The 4 inch pad from Head with the bindings IS a Cheap Stomp Pad = used by Snowboarders under their rear loose foot.

    #2: I just take my 9 in 1 tool out to pop open the Speed Disc Lever Turn it CCW and twist release the binding. Never takes more than 5 minutes per board to swap.

    #3: I place my 3rd strap under the Boa on my Head Boots = use it as a lever to tighten --first I grab the boot and squeeze it to get the slack out as I crank the Boa. I have thought of making a Boa cover to flatten it so the 3rd strap can stay straight.

    #4: At 74, the straps on conventional Snowboard Bindings are a pain - -next stop = Step In Bindings. I studied a few and decided not to try the Burton with its own boot. Pricey too
    I talked to a couple of guys riding the Nidecker Step - In at $400 and then found the System Ultra MTN ($136 incl shipping and tax) from a guy who works in the Mt. Baldy rental shop.
    Both can use any boot.
    He showed me the original System MTN that he rode for 3 years on his snowboard. The Ultra is the latest with extra padding on the high-back. So I will detail this project when I receive the step in. The value of moving the binding pales in comparison to the ease of step-ins that are reviewed as being as fast to get into as release ski bindings. That might get me to stop for lunch rather than ride til I'm done.

    I'll attach the wing and 3rd strap and use the riser and hardware from a used Sims set-up that I found a few years ago. No reaching down to thread and tighten the two lower straps
    . Lift the rear high back and thread and tighten only the top strap.
    I'll try to hit Mammoth or a back country trip before all melts - -May 5 was the last day at Mt. Baldy - -I was there with good late season snow on May 4 for a few runs on my Line Jedi's.
    I hope to be able to use the Head system and 2-3 skiboards as demos for folks who want to try it out - -while I am riding my step-ins!!!!

    was on Big Foots, Cannons, Klimax Redline, 98 Line MNPs, Line ff cam and bomber bindings - new boards: RVL8 2015 SII, 2011 KTP --24 yrs non released - -skiboarding til 2050!!


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      The CLEW step-in snowboard bindings look like a good prospect for conversion to softboot bindings for skiboards IMHO.
      They have a release handle at the top of the highbacks. The highback detaches together with the middle, ankle/heel ratchet strap and stays on the snowboard boot.
      It would appear that the RVL8 Snowboard Binding Wings together with their supplied 3rd ratchet strap would fit onto the Clew binding's highbacks.

      Long ago, I tried some softboots and snowboard bindings on my Blunts (assisted by valmorel, (engineering)) but realised that they weren't for me.
      Yes, I had risers and third straps at the top of the snowboard binding's highbacks.

      Since then, I've been interested in softboots but not intending to use them.
      Nowadays, I couldn't use them anyway as I'm riding Spruce Longboards which need Spruce Risers with release bindings.
      Spruce Crossbow 115 "Ski Track" skiboards - My Go To skiboards
      Tyrolia Attack2 13 GW release bindings on Spruce Risers
      Nordica HF110 ski boots


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        Quick Reply from SoCal - A used small CLEW Step-In Binding for sale on Ebay for $295 and a high $556 for a new pair - -they seem to be made in Japan.

        Sorry but I can get how many System MTN Ultra bindings for $136 delivered?

        I chose the System MTN Ultra over the Nidecker for $399 with the CLEW a distant 3rd for use with any Snowboard boot - -the Burton is in its own class as a buy our special boot Step-In.

        was on Big Foots, Cannons, Klimax Redline, 98 Line MNPs, Line ff cam and bomber bindings - new boards: RVL8 2015 SII, 2011 KTP --24 yrs non released - -skiboarding til 2050!!