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  • Sticky Icky Icky VS Spliff

    Im looking to get a new pair of boards for this winter and I cannot decided between the SII and Spliffs , could anyone provide some insight on how the two compare? I have a pair of Blunt XL's and I love them but im looking for something that can handle turns and speed a little better but are also still playful like the Blunts. Also, I live on the east coast so icey conditions are sometimes an issue. Thanks!

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    What type of terrain do you ride? Also wondering if you're committed to a rockered/cambered board. I'm a huge Spliff fan and usually can find enough powder to justify them, but prefer my DLPs in icy conditions, for carving groomers, mogul runs and landing jumps in anything other than powder. They're less forgiving than my Spliffs, so might lose a bit of the 'play' factor, but are tops for control.

    Spliffs can do turns and speed quite well if the conditions are good:

    I haven't tried the SIIs yet, so can't comment there, but they have always seemed appealing as a do-everything board on a well groomed resort. Spliffs are tons of fun but the width makes them a bit hard to hold an edge with in icy conditions. Should be less of an issue on the SIIs.

    I'm sure you'll get some feedback from other members who ride both the Spliffs and the SIIs!
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      I haven't tried the SII or the Spliffs myself, but have looked into both of them - you'll find several reviews in this section of the forum - and like you I have the XLs. Both sound like great boards, but I would think the Spliffs are somehow too similar to the XLs for you. As both are wide boards, they are powder oriented, more of a slarving ride on groomers than carving. I think you'd get quite some overlap with them.

      On the other hand , SII being narrower, they carve easier, and would probably hold a better edge in icy conditions. So if we look only at these two pairs, the SII would better complement the XLs.

      Keep in mind that the XLs are probably an unique board, they are by far the shortest underfoot, so other boards would bring you something different - which is actually a good thing - and anyway all boards are fun, you just need to pick the one that matches your preferences.
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        Thank you both, excellent points to consider.


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          SII are more for groomers. Spliffs are more for powder and alpine kind of skiing. The Spilffs need to be skied quite aggressively or fast to get their full potential out.
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