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Finally really tried the Crossbows....

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  • Finally really tried the Crossbows....

    Well I finally tried the Crossbows (centered).... they are different (this is MY OWN personal perception)

    I need to start off by saying that I am a bigger rider than most. While not tall (5ft 8in), I weight 280lbs without ski gear. I have a big barrel build but am "fat kid fit" with very powerful big legs.

    With my favorite board being the RVL8 DLP I wanted to give the Crossbow a try because of the "similar" size and the R/C combo.

    So these are a really neat board. The shape, size, graphics(last model) they are a fun board, however they are flexible. I was not expecting that much flex from these boards. While the profile is definitely a skiboard, I felt like I was riding smaller twin tips. I was not getting the nimble ease of skiing feeling that I have gotten from the DLPs, Revolts, Stickys.

    The location was Mount Snow in Vermont yesterday. There was rain the night before, temps dropped so starting the day it was a sheet of ice. I was on the DLPs and having a blast. Around beer thirty (1130 "lunch" time) the conditions were softening up to the perfect conditions. I wore the Crossbows during this time, and again while feeling like smaller twin tips they performed great. Not as nimble, but held and edge when wanting to edge, slarving when wanting to, all around good, just again felt a little bigger than their size. Only being a little bit longer than the DLPs I did not expect the feel difference.

    Fast forward to 1:30 - 3pm - SOFT, DEEP, HEAVY snow. This is where the surprise came in...
    So while the boards were center mounted they are still a flexible board with some rocker to the tips. Now being larger I do compress the camber quite easily so flexible boards are really not my jam but wanted to keep these on and see what happened.

    The surprise... I had a hard time. The tips did not stay up like expected, I actually caught an edge at the bottom of a headwall causing a buried tip which spun me out to a fall. I really had a hard time keeping going. They snow was soft and heavy and really slowed me down. The runs had obviously become extremely skied up during the day and the soft snow became mogul bumpy. After the edge snag and buried tip I really had to concentrate on riding back seat and keeping the tip up and it was not an easy feat. I felt that I really had to work to ride backseat and felt like I was lifting a 150cm+ ski in the air.

    Now... I give this review with a reminder that I am a heavy rider and I was riding these centered. Here on the East Coast (where I ride at least) we do not have powder. Spring slush riding is about the closest I get to riding in the deeper stuff. If I was going out in conditions like that and the Crossbows were my go to board I definitely would be setting them back. When riding back seat and carving a bit the boards really did maneuver well in the deeper heavier stuff. I'm sure riding these set back is where they shine.

    I personally think that these boards would be a great transition board from skis. Anyone coming from skiing long boards that want to go to skiboards for that easier transitioning, lighter feel, etc. I would hands down recommend the crossbows. They were a fun board for me on the better conditions. At my size a stiffer board is definitely recommended. Spruce board would most certainly be the Sherpa. I am looking forward to trying the Slingshots as well. The DLPs are still my favorite set of boards and will continue to love them, but always want to try something different to continue to expand my skiboard experience.

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    2016 "B.Lyfe" Revolt

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