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Soft binding modifications for double boa boot? Anyone cut into the Saavi Wings

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  • Soft binding modifications for double boa boot? Anyone cut into the Saavi Wings

    New RVL8 member and am anxious to get two new pairs delivered mid next week. Used the pieces of junk Minimax's for about 15 years now and decided to upgrade and stop dealing with the pains of a hard boot.

    Hopefully I am not sounding like a noob moron by asking this question but.......

    I've been going nuts with my first pair of soft boot purchase. I went to 7 different stores and cant seem to decide which ones to go with As of now the most comfortable was K2 Thraxis and Rome Infernos. And all of the store had minimal amount of boots in stock and only 2 that were my size 9.The only issue I see is that they are double Boa and the side Boa would be in the way of the Saavi wings.

    Anyone ever cut into the wings? Have any pics? I am getting them brand spanking new and would hate to cut into them unless it works and doesn't affect what the wings are supposed to do.
    I was told to buy the most comfortable stiff (at least a 6 flex) boots I could get into and being here in NYC there isn't much choice heading into the last few weeks of the season.

    Am considering just using rental boots for the rest of the season and then I can try more brands on when they restock for the next season.

    I just ordered a pair of Nitro Select TLS from backcountry to try. I can always send them back if they aren't to my liking. ( which I did after 30 minutes and finding they were just too narrow for me)

    And Greco is THE MAN! He answered many of my questions via email, phone, and online chat. I definitely will be sending more business his direction!

    Thanks in advance to the vets on this board who might have some ideas.

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    Hi Joechoi74, No need to cut Saavi wings for side boas !. I tested side boa boots with the Saavi wings on the SBOL binding back in 2014 . Here are my conclusions. Bottom Line a double boa boot like the Inferno should be fine ( do you mean Rome Inferno ?? it says Ride Inferno and I did not think there was a Ride inferno ) . . I have a Ride Insano which is a double boa boot , boa in the front and boa on the side . works fine . I just pull one of the Saavi wings over the side boa .. I have included a post with pictures below . I also have a K2 Thraxis , that also works but you have to pull both wings over the side boas which is a little harder as the K2 Thraxis is a triple boa boot . Bottom line is the Saavi wings are flexible and allow you to manuever them over side boas . I think you would be fine . If I had a choice I might go with the boot that only has a single side boa vs the Thraxis which I think is the only boot that has two side boas .
    Here is what I wrote in 2014
    I have now finished testing with a variety of different boots for Boa dial compatability with the SBOL modified bindings using the Saavi Bolt on Wings . Here is what I have found out .
    Snowboard boots with a single front Boa dial are no problem , you can just place the wide strap over the Boa and tighten down with no issue . These boots along with traditional lace up boots with no Boa dials are the closest fit and easiest to get in the binding .
    Snowboard boots with a single front Boa dial and and single side Boa dial do fit and are still very easy to get into the binding . It does involve the rider reaching down and pulling on the flexible wing a little bit to fit over the single side boa, then pushing your boot back into the binding and then racheting down the top strap . It is important to get the boot seated back into the binding heel cup and against the highback facing straight forward and without pulling the wing over the Boa dial the Boa dial may prevent the boot from seating back properly . The wings however are nice and flexible and this is easy to do with no damage to the wings or boa dials.
    There is as far as I am aware of only one snowboard boot with three boa dials , One front dial and two side dials which is the boot I use the K2 Thraxsis . It does involve the most work getting into the binding as I need to reach down and flex the wings over each of the side boas and then push my boot back but it does still work fine . One advantage of the bolt on Saavi wings is that the wings fit the snowboard boot really tightly once the rachet straps are tightened down and provide a great feeling of control .

    Here is a post with pictures of my Ride Insano boot with a side boa with the Saavi wing fitting nicely OVER the boa ...
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      Thanks for the quick feedback. I guess I'll take a shot with a side boa boot. And sorry for the mis-branding. It was a Rome Inferno. I will most likely go pick those up as they fit the best.

      I just receive the Nitro's this morning via fed-ex and they are damn narrow, where the size length was perfect but by having wide feet, and after 30 minutes of wearing them around the house my feet began to get a numb feeling. I loosened them quiet a bit and pretty much the same. They are good boots as it grabbed the heel snug and was well made, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

      Again thanks for the advice, and will post pics of the setup when it arrives.

      * picked up a pair of Rome Inferno's size 9 and was still a bit tight, changed insole liner with a more smaller base pad and higher arch and it made a world of difference. Wore them around the house for a few hours and starting to settle in. Im hoping a few more hours of wearing them around and it would be just right.

      I looked into trying a pair of K2 Maysis' and they seemed to fit well also. A bit more snug, bordering on tight. Wondering if you think they would eventually settle down with the intuition liner it comes with?