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  • Spliff - 2016

    Looking to buy a pair of 2016 Spliffs. If anyone has a pair they would be interested in selling or for trade, please let me know.
    I have a set of original Spruce 120's and original Sherpa's with customer paint job that I may be willing to offer in trade.
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    I love that year's graphics - my first set of RVL8s and a great board. I technically have a pair that I could trade, but you wouldn't want them... they are core-shotted to hell and missing sections of edge. I loved them to death over too many hidden rocks. Might turn one into an address sign. I still have one good board from that set (ordered a spare after the first core shot) but want to keep it as a back up in case I damage one of my 2019s. Not a long board rider in any case, I like my Receptors too much.
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      Are you still searching for 2016 Spliffs? I have a pair in decent condition that I'm looking to sell.


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        Still looking to sell those 2016 Spliffs?