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FS: Composite riser with rental bindings

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  • FS: Composite riser with rental bindings

    I am considering selling these for €50 plus shipping.

    Their primary purpose is for a loaner set for people to try out skiboarding. The composite riser was made a by someone in the UK about 10yrs ago and I bought the last one. They have served me well, but are now surplus to requirements. They might be useful to someone else.

    What you should know:

    - They are heavier than normal Spruce Risers.
    - The bindings are only compatible with Alpine soles, not the newer Grip Walk soles.
    - Although it is 4x4/4x10 compatible, swapping between skiboards is not quick, as the screws are covered by the connecting middle section. Swapping involves removing the heel piece.
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