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Snowjam/540 90cm and 75cm skiboards

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  • Snowjam/540 90cm and 75cm skiboards

    All, I hope all is well with each of you. Interested in selling or trading snowjam/540 90cm and 75cm skiboards. I'd like $75 plus shipping for each, but certainly willing to see about a trade. I will be interested in a rvl8 or summit set of boards in the 105-115cm range. Bindings on those not needed. Do you have a set laying around that you want to trade? Tell me if you are interested in buying or trading. Thanks!!

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    All, I updated price to $75 plus shipping for each. These are great to have to let your friends try. I guess I ran out of friends... Or my wife and kids have tried and don't want to pursue leaving their skis or snowboards. They need to find a good home.