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bought ski boots, just need the boards now... (revel8 90cm vs. snojam 90cm)

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  • bought ski boots, just need the boards now... (revel8 90cm vs. snojam 90cm)

    hey guys,

    i just bought my boots today and all i need are my skiboards and im set

    here is my dilema, I really want to buy some revel8 90cm boards but im not sure how much of a difference there will be between those and the snowjams. The snowjams i can get brand new off ebay for $169.95 plus shipping, the r8's are going to cost like 369 with the extreme bindings or something like that.

    I really want to buy the snowjams here and support sbol, but i would save like 50 bucks if i do it through ebay (and they even have a store so i can call them if i need help).

    Now, my question to u is whether there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between the r8s and the snowjams (going to use nonrelease bindings). I dont mind spending the extra cash if it is WORTH the money, if I (being a beginner) will notice a difference.

    let me know what you think.

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    winterparkrider compared the two a while back. The snowjams are like a huffy bike you had back as a kid, good fun and they'll work fine. Revel8 is like a handmade racing bike.

    (at least i think he said something to that effect)
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      ahh, kk im gonna see if i can find the review.

      I like to golf, so i'll give u a golf analogy. If someone is considering buying a cheap set of Wilson clubs vs a set of expensive forged titleist clubs, the expensive set might not be the best thing for him. The Wilsons are cheap because they are casted but they are easier to hit (might not be as accurate, but have a larger sweet spot). The titleist clubs are expensive and worth it if the player knows how to use them. if not, then they are a waste of money!!! but at the same time, even if the guy knows how to use the forged clubs to his advantage, he might perfer the cheaper clubs and still perform better...u see wat im saying?

      so this is what I am trying to get at...the snowjams might be better for me than the revel8s.

      its kinda a bad comparison between golfclubs and skiboards, but if someone can actually say that the revel8's perform better for specific reasons and will make a HUGE difference, I will sink the money in forsure!


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        He said it in a topic somewhere, good luck finding it.

        I would almost recommend getting some nice bombers for you bindings and some snowjams for this year, and then next year upgrading just the boards and getting some nice revel8's. The revel8s will perform great even if you're new to the sport, personally I went straight to them without trying snowblades or cheaper snowjams and I love them. However, when I was first learning I chipped the tails up from falling and learning to skate, ect. Now I wonder if maybe I should have gotten some beater boards for learning and gotten some nicer ones after I'd gotten it down. Regardless, I'm sure you'll love whatever you get.

        edit: here's the thread comparing snowjams:
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          I think that for a first set you should find a good used pair so that way if you dont like them your not out too much $$$ I looked around ebay for about 3-4 months before I found my pair of weapons that I stole of someone here (thanks again Therob) I have been outta the sport for almost 8 years and didnt want to waste the money if i never used them but I have went twice so far this season and planning on going a few times while my plant is shut down. I would spend more on boots over boards...I know I'm definataly going to upgrade to some R8's for next season (maybe sooner)
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          Originally posted by SkaFreak
          I hate it when I sarcasm all over the place like that.


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            My wife was on SnowJam 90s and was never comfortable as a beginner since they were too stiff for her (5', 120 lbs). I decided to upgrade her to Tanshos which have more flex and she now has progressed to handling most conditions including blacks within one season. The SnowJams are now loaners for friends and family who want to try skiboarding before they buy their own equipment.

            I suggest if you think you will be skiboarding for a couple of years, buy what works = Tansho!

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              Haha I'm a golfer too so I do know what you're saying (although in reality wilson is making some decent irons right now). I think the best comparison would be something like comparing a 460cc Ping driver (I have a G5 personally) to an older 350cc taylormade something or other (I forget the exact model). The taylormade gets the job done, but the newer and better technology makes the ball go that little bit farther with a little bit less spin and a little bit straighter; it's better in every aspect and you don't have to be a pro to get the most of it. Everything about the R8s is better, but you might not notice all of the advantages until you become a little bit better. Hope that helps.

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                thanks for all the replies!!!

                i guess i might aswell just jump right into the Tansho's. However they arent in stock @ SBOL, that means im SOL i cant find them anywhere else than here.

                I am going to call them tomorro (if they are open) and see when they expect more shipment, i need them by jan 10th so i can have them tuned up and ready for the 18th!


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                  As a Tansho evangelist, I would have to state the obvious. But it depends on your size/weight. I'm in the size/weight range of an earlier poster's wife (little, yeah, fine). If you're closer to the bigger, the snowjams would probably treat you well. If you're a relative munchkin like me, you'll find that the Tanshos are the best skiboards ever made (little hyperbole involved). Though I've also ridden the ALPs and had perhaps a little too much fun. The R8s really seem to take rider weight into account, unlike any other boards I've ridden. The turning takes a tiny bit of getting used to, but when you find it, it's incredible. Yes, they cost more, but unless you're doing free-style type things, they should last you quite a while, and you won't outgrow them nearly as fast. But yes, weigh what you're going to do. Go for the snowjams if you're more inclined to beat the hell out of them. Go for the R8s if you're going to do a little beating but really want to carve like a fiend and pass everyone.


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                    There is also a small difference in size between the 90 and 98. 4cm each side. Difference is minumal. I know you may be set on graphics.....but that extra little bit is almost unnoticable.

                    I had a post with pics on here somewhere....

                    The 98s are also a great set of boards and offer a little extra surface for the parks and hills.


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