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Will my ski boots fit in the bindings

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    360 boot length, line ff pro bindings

    Hey guys,

    I'm buying an old pair of mnp's off some guy on cl nearby, but my boots are a size 360, and the bindings he has are the ffpros... will they not fit with my boot? And does anyone have a binding they are willing to sell/trade that WOULD fit me?! Thanks!


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      Oh and im having them shipped because he's not that nearby... so i wont have the opportunity to actually see if my boots will fit. Just wanted to clarify.


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        I can confirm that the:

        - Line FF Cam non-release bindings fit up to 378mm sole length. Or at least that's what's stamped on my Mondo 32/32.5 boots. Maybe 380mm could fit tight, but they are tight enough even with 378mm - there is no more adjustment beyond that. It says 16 on the scale stamped on the binding. I don't know if the FF Pro version is sized the same or not.

        - Rvl8 Receptor will *not* fit a boot as big out of the box. They fit my 369mm boot but not the 378mm as is. The 378mm boot will fit if you use only one of the retaining screws on the toe or heel piece. Or, it is possible to make a modification if you are good with a dremel and still utilize both retaining bolts. I did that mod and posted the info and photos somewhere here on the forum.

        - Spruce Riser with Tyrolia Peak 11 will fit 369mm for sure (I think Jeff drilled an extra set of holes for the heel piece and therefore my boot center was something like 1/2" back of center on the boards). These 369mm sole length are still Mondo 32/32.5 like my other 378mm boots, so as Greco wrote early in the thread, look at the sole length, not other measures. I do not know if there is enough adjustment on the Riser to fit my bigger boots with 378mm sole (never tried). I do not think the Riser with the Attack 13 bindings can fit as big a boot though (might be wrong).

        - Bomber emailed me their Elite 2 XL would fit up to 380mm, but I have not tried.