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  • Receptor Lift Kit

    Dear all,

    Does anyone have experience with the receptor lift kit? Is it worth it? What are the pros and cons?
    I'm considering for stiffer and wider boards like KTPs and Playmakers.

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    I have one such kit, so far tried it only once ( for a couple of hours ) on RCs, wanting to see if there's any benefit versus no kit in powder or groomers. I'll have to ride it more to form an opinion, but first impression was positive. On the same RCs I've tried raisers in the setback position and surprisingly I could not ride them almost at all, somehow I was very out of balance

    I also have the KTPs, but never felt the need of the kit there, I ride them setback and they perform great on groomers and they can deal with powder as well, if they have to.

    Never tried the PMs, so no opinion there.
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