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Review of Head Soft Boot Bindings (Speed Disks, and Risers)

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  • Review of Head Soft Boot Bindings (Speed Disks, and Risers)


    I bought these last Novemberish and I have taken them out once on my Sticky Icky Ickies. I have been considering a snowboard for some time, and these pushed me over the edge of buying new equipment.

    -Snow board boots / bindings are very comfortable.
    -I am lower to the ground, and it feels very similar to roller blading.
    -They are very adjustable.
    -They feel very fun.
    The bindings are very easy to flip between equipment and to adjust angles for stance. I have not tried this when they are cold and ice covered.

    -The bindings are finicky and require more attention than alpine bindings. Be prepare for more tuning. Bring a toolkit with the right wrenches, screwdrivers and allen keys. Once these are set, it should not be an issue. With the locknuts, the bolts should be a tad longer.
    -I should have waited to buy boots and tried them on the bindings before buying them. The boa connections are in the way for me so they are not optimally laid into the bindings. Using other closures other than Boa is not an option for me. YMMV. So more of a be aware kind of thing.
    -Sigh, this more of a just because thing, but they snowboard bindings, and are simply more work to get in and out of than alpine quick release bindings. Once you are on, no biggie, except of course if you are snowboarding....then every time you get on the lift you get to deal with three straps. I have one hand, so I find this to be a PITA.
    -I believe 110cm is the max size for skiboards, so this my be a consideration.

    If you want to snowboard or already own snowboard, this is a no brainer. I put them on a new GNU skiboard and my Stick Icky Ickies. They will go on my new Revel Samurais tomorrow and we will see how they do. I have not tested them with the snowboard, as I just wanted to get into the groove of skiing in a new season. I had one bolt come off on me as I was prepping and I had to go into the ski shop to borrow tools before my first run. After this, no problems. After strapping them on and off a few times, I realized how my much I love being able to use the release for quick release bindings. If you are an experienced snowboarder than this is old hat and no surprise. As I have only snowboarded a few times, I am not used to this. As far as actual skiing, you are closer to the ground than with the spruce risers I generally use. I am ordering a pair of non release bindings, so I don't know how they compare. Carving is easier for me, and I don't have to throw as hard to change edges. They are so comfortable! Simply a whole different level than Alpine boots. I think I am more agile with them on, but that is so subjective. They feel the closet to rollerblading on skis compared to any of my other setups. On the other hand, with the more rigid snow boots, I have more power.

    I would buy them again, as most of this was the price of entry for getting into a snowboard. Without the snowboard....a solid maybe. If I am doing instructing (or if I was still volunteering with ski patrol), I would not wear them, as you get off your skis all of the time. When I am by myself, they are fine. I will throw out some comments when I get on the snowboard and when I get the non release bindings to see how they compare to the other bindings.


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    Anyone else have experience with these? Is the BOA on boots thing a major issue?