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New skiboards and bindings could potentially be delayed

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  • New skiboards and bindings could potentially be delayed

    Hi everyone,

    I'm doing my best, but as you can read in the article, the supply chain is struggling. This will likely effect Receptor bindings and RVL8 skiboards. It's safe to say Receptor bindings won't be in stock on November 1st. I should know more in the coming weeks but that date is going to be tough. As for the December 1st date for the skiboards that's still a potential but I won't know more for a few weeks. I've been suggesting people order what's in stock right now if they need gear by early season as I suspect I'm going to start selling out. Thank you all for your patience. l&utm_content=briefing&utm_campaign=sfc_baybriefin g_am&sid=5452c0a63b35d010308cc859

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    That's a serious bummer for your business. I hope shipping speeds exceed expectations.


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      On the bright side, it'll keep me from trashing those Playmakers on early-season sharks. The later I get them, the more snow I'll have to ride them on!

      Hang in there Greco, it's crazy times we live in, but it's hitting us all. I work as an electrician and we've had rolling shortages of all sorts of things... breakers, baseboard heaters, main panels, now basic plugs and switches. The boss has been trying to keep up on it by stocking up on things we need, but sometimes the customer has to wait.

      RVL8's worth the wait!
      Push the Possible


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        Thanks so much for being understanding. Definitely crazy times.

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          Thanks again. I just had to update the Receptor date to 12/16. I should know more about the boards in a couple of weeks.

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