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    Originally posted by Greco View Post
    Thank you guys for the great ideas and discussions.
    I made my first review, on the Spruce Sherpas, but accidentally submitted it twice. Would you mind removing one of them for me please Greco.

    Just these, nothing else !


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      Originally posted by Bad Wolf View Post
      Would links work. In the past Greco has linked forum threads into the skiboard description page?
      Yes, why not link to the forum reviews? People have taken a lot of time over the years to include their reviews here in the forums and a lot of them are pretty detailed. More than just a 4 out of 5 star review. This would be a great help to someone, especially if they are new. I remember when I first started researching, I was scouring the forums for advice and reviews on boards. Also, if they could be linked to the "mother board" as stated previously or perhaps each annual revision is linked to the same reviews (as long as the board hasn't changed.)


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        I'd like to see a bit more detailed and to the point "best use" for each model.

        I'd also REAAALLLYYY like to see some sort of flex rating to compare between models. At this point I have used a variety of boards and have a decent idea of whats what. But some others I have never used and would like to know what kind of flex they have to help me decide.

        And I agree with the other poster. You should have reviews linked behind the board itself. Otherwise you will lose your reviews for each board every time a new graphocgraphic comes out


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          Originally posted by ThatSlyBastard View Post
          I'd like to see a bit more detailed and to the point "best use" for each model.
          This is maybe a bit hidden, but for each board, if you go to the "Specifications" tab and click that Specs button, you'll get to the following page that lists all the models and their rating from 1..10 for different usages

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