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Crossbow/Slingshot vs Twin Tip Skis

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    There is the Hagan Off Limits - an Austrian 130 cm unusual ski intended for backcountry and freeride among trees. It's in-between skiboards and twin tip freeride skis, probably similar to the 130cm Spruce skis.


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      I don’t know if the Crossbow is best Skiboard out there, but out of my five pairs Of skies, it is now my go to. I have the Sticky Ickies, and I let people borrow them if they have never skied before. They are super easy to learn on. They are maneuverable, but are not speedy. I don’t use them much except in icy conditions. They really shine there. I have a pair of Ospreys that are my all around beast of my quiver. They can go anywhere and they are very forgiving. They are capable of speed, but I like to take these babies slow and carve. They are my favorite powder ski. They used to be favorite all around ski, but not anymore. I have a pair of Dynastars 178s that I learned to ski on, but I don’t like to use. They are my learning ski, and they are a challenge to use. I make myself wear them because they teach me to be a better skier. I have an old set of Rossingol slalom skies that scare the shit out me. They are beyond fast, and I can barely control them. I break them out maybe twice a year. So as far as the Crossbow goes, I love it. I have it set back now, but it is fun to change the position of the risers. If I am bored, I change them up, because they feel like a different ski. You wouldn’t think a few inches in position would make much of a difference but it does. In any event these are my all mountain speed demons. I can hit 45mph on the tiny hills in Ohio. They are an absolute pleasure to ski, and they are very maneuverable. The Cossbows and the Ospreys are both very good at carving. If Spruce would make a skinny Osprey or Sherpa, I would be all over that.

      I do volunteer work with the Adaptive Sports Coalition in the winter with Skiing. We help people with all sorts of disabilities ski. I really love how The ski boards are small enough that I can get one ski in between another persons ski is and still maneuver in that short space. I tend to use the Ospreys since I can lean a lot of weight on one Ski and not lose my balance. The Sticky Ickies get used a lot for this as well, but more because I can ski in very close quarters. They are also great with Ski Bikes. I don’t know how well the Crossbows will work with this, since the season got mangled last year with COVID. I am also not sure if I am willing to give them the abuse that inevitably happens in this very close skiing. I have really abused my Sticky Ickies over the last couple of years.