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  • "New" Slarving Skis

    The video shows a test run for a new ski designed to make "slarved" turns easier. They are shorter and wider than concevtional skis and has a convex base. I guess some one else is working out the that a controlled skid is just as much fun as a pure carved turn, but hey, aren't we doing this already?

    The ski is designed by Stephan Drake and made by DPS, perhaps we should send them a pair of RCs to demo?

    Just these, nothing else !

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    I know "Slarving" is an old subject here, one that Jack explored, expanded and explained when the RCs came out. I found this thread on Epic and thought some of you might enjoy it. They have some good discussion on the difference between skidding, buttering and slarving, and the best equipment and conditions to do it on.

    This video come from the same thread, and shows Shane McConkey (yes the one who makes fun of snow bladers) "inventing" slarving on a pair of water skis; amazing.

    Just these, nothing else !


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      The point here is that these two videos are being shot in soft snow, which works like a fluid. But how do they do on the hardpack most of us spend nearly all our time on. For hardpack we need sidecut. That is the real magic of the RCs, they go everywhere.
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        The spoon looks interesting, but I wouldn't want anything that isn't twin-tipped.

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          They basically look just like someone wanted to shrink the Spatula/Pontoon design, along with adding the convex tip, which can be found on a few snowboards these days. The strange thing is that as crazy as they look, they really don't seem to be anything that radically new.
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            Actually the DPS Spoon prototype came out in 2011-2012 Season and is not a short ski . The 150 refers to the width underfoot. It is a traditional length ski super wide underfoot , not much side cut , and convex base and heavily rockered .
            Side cut profile is 154/150/152 . It is a concept powder ski in the mode of the the Spatula and Pontoon skis, weird undualtions called "cleats" need to be designed into the ski to make it grip at all in hardpack . If you look at where the " cleats" are in the side picture of the ski , looks like a skiboard length on hardpack eh ?


            As Valmorel points out , the real magic of the Rockered Condor is that it combines heavy rocker, flat non cambered base, , big side cut , and a very short length to create a new kind of snow sliding device that works everywhere on the mountain in a simple straight forward design that works so well primarily because it is built on a very short 110 platform and would conversely not work as well on a long ski platform. A unique contribution of skiboarding to snow sliding sports design , for sure .
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