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2023 Whitefish Montana

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  • 2023 Whitefish Montana

    I just put money down on a trip with my ski club to Whitefish Montana Saturday 1/28 - Saturday 2/4 and I'm already getting stoked about it! I've never been there. But, it should be a great trip.

    It's interesting how things work out sometimes. I've known for 35 years that Whitefish is the entrance to Glacier National Park. I was reintroduced to Whitefish a few years ago through a prepper book called Strategic Relocation by Joel Skousen. Mr. Skousen recommends the WhitefishKalispel area as the best place in Montana to survive a zombie apocalypse. A couple of years ago I even researched what kind of churches are in the area and picked a couple out that I'd like to visit someday. So for the past 3 years I've felt like I'm being drawn to the Whitefish area. Then I was totally surprised and amazed that my ski club is offering a ski trip to Whitefish this year. I had to jump on that opportunity. It should be a truly EPIC journey for me.