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Anyone riding skiboards in Banff - Sunshine or Lake Louise?!

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  • Anyone riding skiboards in Banff - Sunshine or Lake Louise?!

    Hi! I trust all of you are having fun with the season!

    I got my first skiboards this season and have tried them twice on Sunshine. I will be doing green runs most of the remaining season in either Sunshine or Lake Louise and am wondering whether any skiboarders are in the area. A bit pissed when a ski instructor called my skiboards as ski blades today and thought it would be good to meet and ride with fellow Skiboarders. If anyone is in the area and want to ride with another skiboarder, please respond to this thread or send me a message.

    Thanks and wish all of you have wonderful and injury free season!

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    Most people outside of our sport don't understand the differences between skiboards, longboards and skiblades, and just use skiblades as a generic term for anything they consider short. It's not usually meant as an insult, so don't get too pissed. Generally it's also not worth trying to educate them, they really don't care[emoji3]
    Just these, nothing else !


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      I'm usually at nakiska and norquay, occasionally sunshine. Always feel like such a unicorn on the hills lol, would definitely like to meet up with other local ski boarders for the upcoming season.


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        There are a couple of riders in your area but the forum is still in its off season slumber. Bump this post in a few weeks and you should find a few more takers.
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          I'm down in the Kootenays this winter, but should be back up to Kicking Horse next year, which is reasonable striking distance to the hills in the AB Rockies, or a good weekend trip from Calgary.

          I doubt I'll make it any further east than Fernie this year. You ever ride Castle? It's been a long time since I've been there, but it can be a really fun little hill when the snow's good.
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            Hi everyone,

            Sorry about my bad english. I am from Spain living in Mexico right now.

            I think this season I'll ski in Banff for 4 or 5 times. I hope we can see each other and if you have any question about Alps... I can help you. I have always skied in the Alps.

            Good rides!!!


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              Hi Antrama!

              Where are you staying this winter? I'll be at Kicking Horse in Golden all season... not far from Banff and less crowded. The hostel here (Dreamcatcher) is pretty good, too.
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                make a meet up this year?

                I am from Cranbrook, Skiboard in Kimberley, Fernie, Golden and Panorama!

                I am up for skiboarding with anyone else in the area this season, just let me know! would love to get a group of us riding somewhere together.

                I was working in Fernie today, while the snow at the base is gone from last week it is staying up top! Can't wait!!


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                  Got my Kicking Horse pass, so any time you're up towards Golden I'll be up for riding. Do you have an RCR pass for multiple hills?

                  Kicking Horse, Panorama or Fernie could work for a meetup with Albertan riders. Of course I'm biased towards the Horse, but it's not the friendliest hill for novice riders. I may do a trip to Whitewater at some point this season (sort of your area), but based on last season there's more snowskaters than skiboarders in the Kootenays.

                  The beer's best in Golden, though.
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