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  • flapjack
    I know there are Turkish skiboarders online, find this forum and assemble!

    Erciyes / Kayseri. Regular Condors with some cheap ass non-release bindings (Looking for soft boot upgrades, eu dealers seems to dont have it nowadays.). Im rather experienced on skiboards since i ride them last two seasons, i will be happy to help if you have any questions about skiboards and ski centers in Turkey.

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  • Greco
    started a topic Skiboarders in Turkey Post Here

    Skiboarders in Turkey Post Here

    A Turkish customer asked me to put them in touch with other skiboarders in Turkey so I created this meetup thread. If you're a Turkish skiboarder please reply with your location and which skiboards and bindings you own.

    Ben Türk müşteri yüzden bu meetup iplik oluşturulan Türkiye'deki diğer skiboarders ile temasa onları koymak istedi . Eğer bir Türk skiboarder iseniz , bulunduğunuz yere ve hangi kayak tahtası ve sahibi bağlamaları ile cevap lütfen

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