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  • Euroshredfest 2024

    We have dates for an European meetup! Please feel free to join us for the full period, or a part of the scheduled dates.

    Location: Andorra

    Dates: Main dates 5 - 9 March 2024, with optional days 2 - 4 & 10 March.

    Schedule: We are not announcing one yet. This will only happen closer to the time when we know the conditions.
    All I can say at this point is that lifts open at 09:00 and we plan to there at opening time. We'll have early lunch on the mountain around 11:45/12:00 to avoid the crowds.

    Resorts: There are three main areas, all covered by the same ski pass (!). You can read about them here. We plan to visit them all.How to get there: You have a couple of options
    • Fly (or take a train) to Barcelona and take the AndBus. The bus will drop you at your hotel which you should indicate at the time of purchase.
    • Fly (or take a train) to Toulouse and take the AndBus. Unlike Barcelona, there are only three buses a day, so make sure you plan correctly.
    • Take a train to Lleida and take the AndBus.
    • Fly to Barcelona and rent a car. Please tell the rental agency that you need now tyres/all-weather tyres as this is a legal requirement to drive in Andorra. If you forget to do that you'll have to buy a set of snow socks at a filling station or supermarket on the way in. Luckily if you enter from this side you can buy in Andorra at a number of places before you reach the twon of Sant Julia.
    • Fly to Toulouse and rent a car. It is very important to have snow equipment on the car in this case and you should either tell the rental agency or buy snow socks from one of the ski shops or super markets in of the lower French villages or towns past Foix. The pass up into the Andorra/French border can be treacherous in snow & ice conditions.
    • Just drive here, becasue you have car and live close enough. Make sure your car is properly equipped.
    Accommodation: There are many hotels in Andorra. A number of people have already indicated that they will stay in the village of Arinsal. This village also has a good number of restaurants and bars within walking distance. The village itself is only 2km long. Please ask if you want any advise on accommodation.

    Food: This in Andorra, so you get some of the best French & Spanish influence. Of course there is also traditional Andorran cuisine. But you'll also find Argentinian food & British pub-grub. Prices are on-par with Spain, slightly more expensive than Eastern Europe, but far cheaper than France, Britain or the USA.

    Getting around: You are responsible for getting yourself to the appropriate starting points. If you don't have a car, then you might have to make use of the skibus services. It might be possible to get a lift with someone, but that can only be coordinated closer to the time.

    Ski pass: The best option for most people is to buy the Plus pass. This pass only charges you for the days you ride and it comes from the credit card that you register. You aonly have to pay an initial fee of €6 for ther card itself. You can then collect the card from a central office or a ski station. You need to select this at the time of purchase. If you are not sure what to choose, contact me once you have all of your travel arrangements in place and I can advise.
    There is no need to worry about early purchasing. You can even buy it a few days before you arrive. All You need to create an account on GV Plus. You can do this from about Nov 2023 onwards.

    Non-skiers: If you want to bring a companion along that will not partake in the event itself, there is plenty to do. This includes, bit is not limited to, show shoeing, dog sleighs, spa and shopping. If you ask I can provide more information. It is also possible to purchase a two-way ticket on a gondola if you want to get to a mountain restaurant.

    In-event communication: There will be a Telegram group used during the event. When you have confirmed that you are attending, you can private message me and I'll give you the join link.
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    Looking forward to this !
    Myself: RVL8 2011 KTP, Spruce 125 LE, RVL8 "Drooling Clouds" RCs, Spruce 2016 Osprey
    Daughter: Twoowt Pirania 95cm; RVL8 2015 Blunt XL; RVL8 2021 SII; Spruce Crossbows
    Past: RVL8 2010 Revolt Trees, RVL8 2014 Condor, RVL8 2009 ALPdors, Spruce 120 Yellow/Red


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      Originally posted by newbie2011 View Post
      Looking forward to this !
      I'll be there too.
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        Originally posted by Gromit View Post

        I'll be there too.
        Good to hear, I was hoping you guys from UK will come as well!
        Myself: RVL8 2011 KTP, Spruce 125 LE, RVL8 "Drooling Clouds" RCs, Spruce 2016 Osprey
        Daughter: Twoowt Pirania 95cm; RVL8 2015 Blunt XL; RVL8 2021 SII; Spruce Crossbows
        Past: RVL8 2010 Revolt Trees, RVL8 2014 Condor, RVL8 2009 ALPdors, Spruce 120 Yellow/Red