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Midwest Meet 2021 - Mount Bohemia, Michigan

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  • Midwest Meet 2021 - Mount Bohemia, Michigan

    Things are going to be a little different this year due to Covid, please read carefully for all the details.

    Overview of changes for 2021

    Event changes

    - If you're feeling sick, stay home!
    - Riding dates moved to midweek to avoid crowds
    - No organized large group lodging (more details below)
    - We'll have to figure out dining options (might be best to bring more food with you this year)

    Bohemia changes
    - Both lifts will be running every day
    - Face coverings will be required on the mountain
    - All Bohemia purchases (passes, tickets, food and drink) must be completed online
    - Bohemia has considered capping season pass sales, so be sure to get yours when the sale starts Nov 25
    - There will not be indoor space for warming up, eating, getting changed, etc. (bathrooms will still be available)
    - There will be an outdoor ticket booth where you'll show your season pass QR code to get your ticket each day

    The 12th annual Midwest Meet will be held February 16 - 18, 2021at the one of a kind Mount Bohemia, MI (in the Upper Peninsula).

    Bohemia is known for epic snow fall and untouched powder. Recent years have seen 351 inches!

    From Mount Bohemia's Website: "Mount Bohemia has the longest runs with the highest vertical and deepest powder in the Midwest. Bohemia is all-natural, and has no problem without snow guns. The average snowfall in the Keweenaw is 273 inches. The lake effect snow is dry similar to western resorts and accumulates as powder which is untouched because we do not groom. Bohemia's two new sections; the Outer limits has 100+ acres of inbounds backcountry skiing with 17 new runs even longer and trickier than before."

    Check out some videos from recent years!

    This year we'll be riding February 16 - 18 (Tuesday - Thursday)

    We're shifting away from weekend dates to avoid crowds, lift lines, etc. This year Bohemia will be running both lifts all week to help expedite things while encouraging social distancing.

    There won't be any large group lodging organized this year, but there are plenty of lodging options available in the area. We recommend finding lodging on site at Bohemia or near the Calumet area (30 mins to Bohemia). Houghton is a bit farther out but also has a few hotel options (49 mins to Bohemia).

    Onsite lodging: Trailside cabins, yurts and aqua cabins (down by the lake) are available for booking through Mount Bohemia. The Aqua cabins may have shared bathrooms and limited parking, so be sure to read those details carefully. Trailside cabins require bringing your own towels and bedding.

    VRBO and Airbnb: There are bunch of options available through VRBO, so we encourage folks to connect with others and make reservations as they feel comfortable. Many of these options are less expensive than the area hotels.

    Closest hotel: AmericInn in Calumet

    Lift Tickets
    Every year Bohemia has a $99 season pass sale. This year the pass sale will run November 25 through December 5. Most of us take advantage of this, which works out to be a great deal for riding three days. Several of us have also made a second trip back later in the season.

    Changes this year: Bohemia has throw around the idea of capping the number of season passes sold and has said they may cap day pass sales as well. In addition, this will be the last year that they'll offer the 10 year season pass.

    $99 season pass – (plus a $12 processing fee and a $18 usage fee) = $129 for one year
    $162 two year season pass – (plus $17 processing fee and a $28 usage fee) = $207 for two years
    $610 ten year season – (plus $110 service fee) = $720 for ten years (this is the last year this pass will be offered)

    Another option is to purchase lift tickets each day for around $85. All ticket sales must be competed online with a debit or credit card and pass sales may be capped.

    If you bought a multiyear pass previously, check out those details in advance so you can be prepared.

    Here's what our typical schedule looks like. We're open to any suggestions!

    Monday Evening
    - Arrivals

    - Drive to Bohemia (30 mins from Calumet)
    - Ride all day
    - Head back to lodging (30 minute drive to Calumet)
    - Traditionally, dinner in Calumet (TBD based on Covid)

    - Drive to Bohemia
    - Ride all day
    - Head back to lodging
    - Traditionally, dinner in Houghton (TBD based on Covid)
    - Back to Calumet

    - Pack up, check out of lodging
    - Ride until you can't anymore
    - Depart

    Feel free to contact Courtney or adeehr directly for more information.

    Who's coming?
    We'd like to get a list going of "definitelys" and "maybes". Please post and let us know where you belong and we'll add you to the list. Bonus points for making the definitely list before December... but only if you definitely show up!

    George (local)
    Tyler L

    If you're hoping to make it let us know and we'll put you on the list!

    While you contemplate, check out the great times we've had over the years: Midwest Meet Playlist

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: Bohemia's website says "experts only" - should I consider coming?
    A: Yes! As long as you're comfortable riding in trees and quickly turning both directions, you'll be fine at Mount Bohemia. The mountain is 100% natural, so some experience in powder riding / variable conditions is a plus, but not required. Regardless of your riding level, no one will be left behind.

    Q: Do I need to wear a helmet?
    A: A helmet is highly recommended. Riding in trees makes for variable conditions and we don't want anyone to sustain any serious injuries.

    Q: What should I bring?
    A: Here's a helpful list.

    Things you need to bring to Bohemia (or you’re gonna have a bad time)

    Required things:
    - Stay home if you're feeling sick!
    - Something to cover your face (this will be required this year)
    - An ID to prove who you are
    - A credit / debit card (cash is not accepted at Bohemia)
    - Confirmation of buying your season pass (just in case you're not on their list, because that happens)
    - Health insurance cards (not a bad idea to carry these on you while riding, just in case)

    Riding essentials:
    - Skiboards (bring an extra set if possible)
    - Bindings
    - Boots
    - Leashes
    - Helmet
    - Goggles
    - Jacket
    - Snow pants
    - Layers (the more the better)
    - Gloves / mittens
    - Ski socks

    Things you might want to bring to Bohemia (but probably wouldn’t die without)
    - Hand warmers / foot warmers if you get cold when it's cold (sometimes these are hard to find in Houghton, depending on how cold it has been)
    - Camera, GoPro, etc
    - Chargers for your devices
    - Food, beverages, snacks (Bohemia's food isn't great or cheap - food availability may be reduced due to Covid)
    - Extra outerwear in case you get really wet or something
    - Wax, iron, etc (I'll bring mine, usually a few other people do too)

    Pro Tips:
    - Don't go in the ditch (you're going to be in the middle of nowhere)
    - Don't lose your wallet or car keys (this has happened)
    - Wax your boards before the trip
    - While cellphone coverage has been improving in the area, signals tend to not be great, so be prepared for that
    - The internet in the general area sucks at best

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    Good news! Bohemia just announced that if you buy a season pass this year and aren't able to use it (for any reason) it will roll over to next year. The season pass sale kicks off November 25th, coming up fast!


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      The season pass sale is on! Grab yours by December 5!


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        I'm in! I'm back for my twice a decade Bohemia trip!

        I currently have COViD so anyone whose had it or doesn't care is welcome to split lodging or carpool. Yay sharing germs!

        For lodging with the reduced base amenities I would like to do the on mountain cabins. Split 2 ways ~$60pp/pn. Questionable breakfast and dinner provided! Otherwise a cheap bnb in calumet would be ~$40pp/pn.

        Carpool Route is Western, NY > Cleveland> Chicago> Milwaukee> Green Bay> UP. Staying along the way at least one night, bonus points if we can carpool and I can crash on your couch!



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          I'm in!

          Got a room with 2 Queen Beds booked at the Americinn in Calumet if anyone wants to split lodging. Details below.

          Check in Jan 18, 2021
          Check out Jan 21, 2021
          Room price: $525.33 for 3 nights split cost $260 - Breakfast included.

          I will be driving from metro Detroit Monday morning thru the mit (I-75) and into the UP

          C u guys there!
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            Originally posted by bec2745 View Post

            For lodging with the reduced base amenities I would like to do the on mountain cabins.

            I saw on their site "Stay free Wednesday nights during the winter when you stay Tuesday or Thursday nights"
            So you should only have to pay 2 of the 3 nights if you go that route.

            Anyone here ever camp in the parking lot? I'm considering it (in an RV I'm working on).
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              Brian and Dennis slept in their car in the parking lot once many years ago. The RV and van scene has become much more popular lately at Bohemia.


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                Hey guys, temps have been abnormally high this year and while we have some snow so far our lake effect machine hasn't started up. While concerning, we've had similarly less than steller Novembers/December. With the meet a little more than a month out, I'm asking everyone to blast this song and whenever possible do the dance.


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                  Bohemia needs some more snow! We'll go full send on our dates and hope for the best. Right now Bohemia is projecting an opening between January 10-15.


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                    Originally posted by Courtney View Post
                    Brian and Dennis slept in their car in the parking lot once many years ago. The RV and van scene has become much more popular lately at Bohemia.
                    That was an interesting weekend for sure. Tons of fun. Not sure I would do it again tho.


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                      The forecast isn't looking good for Bohemia opening before our trip.

                      We're currently looking at taking a trip to Granite Peak in Wisconsin or Boyne / nubs nob in northern lower Michigan instead. Details are being ironed out and I'll post them hear once finalized.

                      We'll plan a Bohemia trip at a later date once they're able to open.


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                        Unfortunately, I've had to make the decision to not attend this year, so that I can have time for some family-related travel. I hope you all have a great time, and I'll look forward to next year!
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                          Midwest Meet at Mount Bohemia is officially postponed and will be planned for future dates once the lake effect snow patterns pick up and Mount Bohemia is able to open.


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                            New dates! Bohemia is officially open! We'll be riding February 16 - 18 (Tuesday - Thursday).

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