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  • 2020 East Coast Connection

    This is a little early and will be updated at a later date but I wanted to get this on the books Incase anyone is thinking about snow ⛄️

    The first “East Coast Connection” will be held at Mt Snow, Dover VT from 1/26/20 - 1/29/20. I will be skiing Mon/Tues and possibly Wed before heading home. Obviously choice is your on what you want to do.

    There are multiple different options for lodging. I personally will be staying at the Snow Lake Lodge at Mt. Snow. Food/Bar on premise(sports bar-ish), indoor and outdoor hot tubs, included breakfast. They have numerous stay and ski packages to choose from at the SLL and others (I will update the event when the booking is opened for the winter fun).

    The town is small but have a lot of neat places if we wanted to have a get together dinner. The ski resort is for everyone, novice to expert, groomer to park, trees to bumps. It is a great time for all.

    For the non-skiing spouses/significant others there is a spa located at Mt. Snow as well.

    Hope we can get a nice group!!!

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    Sounds like fun. Sure would like to attend. Never been on the East Coast. Probably won't be able to make it happen though.

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      Originally posted by sempai View Post
      Sounds like fun. Sure would like to attend. Never been on the East Coast. Probably won't be able to make it happen though.
      It should be a good time. Hopefully you will be able to come. There will be opportunities i'm sure to split a room. There are a few airports if flights are cheap. I live 5 minutes from one of them and drive by the other 2 on the way. Id be more than happy to do a pick up.

      Im hoping to come out west next year!


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        Just as a little update on pricing because I know some people are starting to plan

        January 2019: Mt. Snow for 2 people (best friend and myself)

        2 nights (Sun/Mon) at the Snow Lake Lodge (Continental Breakfast included)
        2 2day lift passes (riding days of Mon/Tues)
        $320 total
        $160 per person

        This year coming up Jan 2020 i'm estimating that the price will be comparable. The meet is planned to be for 3 nights and 3 riding days.
        Nights (Sun/Mon/Tues)
        Riding Days (Mon/Tues/Wed)
        My estimate for the added night and lift ticket is around $80 give or take totaling approx. $240-250 per person. Obviously this is only an estimate and can change on room type, people in the room, etc.

        In the Mt. Snow complex there are a few different places to stay/options for the ski and stay packages. I am planning on the Snow Lake Lodge mainly because it is cheap, clean, and food and drinks on site.

        There is a shuttle that picks up and drops off for the 3 minute ride from the Lodge to the base of the mountain.

        If there are any questions, please feel free to ask (here or Facebook group). I am really looking forward to this little trip and meeting some new people and hanging out with some old friends.


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          I called the lodge this morning and no availability/pricing info was available yet, but I gave them my info and they put me on a notification list, so they'll email me when the room/dates become available.

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            Taking off a weekday will probably be tough for me, but I'll try to make it Sunday. It's good to see an East Coast event again. I miss the days of the Jay Jam and the comps at Ragged.
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              UPDATE... WE HAVE PRICES!!!

              The pictures all have captions on a breakdown of prices. These are for the Snowlake Lodge. The pricing listed is good until 10/22. They will slowly increase (minimally). The website is under maintenance so bookings can be reserved by calling 1800245SNOW (I usually speak to Michelle). The website will be back up soon for bookings.

              CAN’T WAIT!!!!


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                Good Morning Everyone,

                Not much of an update but wanted to say hello to everyone attending. A little update on the activity for the ECC. I will be in town (Dover, VT) all day Sunday 1/26/19. There will be a group of us there all day. Some will be skiing, while some will be exploring and drinking (me) the local shops and Snow Republic Brewery. We have some people only staying for a night of the trip so my plan is to make a reservation at a local restaurant/sports bar (Valley View Saloon) for Monday so that we can all get together and hang out. The rest of the nights I myself will be eating at the bar inside the snow lake lodge. There are endless food and drink options there at Mt. Snow/Carinthia and the rest of the immediate town.

                Can't wait to get up there and on some good snow. The "winter" so far here in NEPA has sucked. Hopefully it will come around soon so that I/we can all get some more days in before the ECC. If there is anyone still unsure about attending or have not booked your accommodations, you are not the only one. Comment to the group on this thread as i'm sure there is someone out there looking for a roommate or commuting buddy for the trip. Or if you have any specific questions, just send me a text or IM.

                Have a Happy New Year! See you soon!!!



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                  Hi Group,

                  We have 1 week left before we are all hanging out at the lodge itching to get on the snow. Cant wait to officially meet everyone that I have been communicating with about the event.

                  My plan for Sunday 1/26/20 will be tooling around the town a bit and checking out the event listed below at Carinthia Park. Early afternoon I will be hitting up the Snow Republic Brewery for a few drinks and to hang out a bit. Anyone in town or planning on coming early on Sunday hit me up. PM me and I will give you my cell number in case you want to meet at either location.

                  The lodge has a guaranteed check in time of 6pm but i'm sure there will be rooms available early. I figured that night after check in we can all meet in the restaurant/bar at the Snow Lake Lodge and get some food and drinks...

                  Monday night after skiing I was going to suggest a local sportsbar for all of us to go for a group gathering/dinner to hang out and relax as Monday night will be the night with the majority of the group there.

                  Any questions, feel free to PM me. We have had a few additions to the group that will be joining to ride Monday and Tuesday.

                  Have a great week everyone. PM me with any questions or to exchange contact info. We should have a GREAT time!!!