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    Since the board was down yesterday and I needed some reading material, I visited or *********.*** and was wondering why they felt the need to censor this site whenever it was mentioned in a post.
    Granted they may be competing business' however if they truly care about the growth of the sport than why censor.
    Do they feel that they can't compete against this site / business?
    I mean for the most part their products are different. While they both might carry some of the same products as far as little things go, for the majority the product lines are completely different to those of us that know the difference. There are no 8 hole boards on this site whatsoever, there are no Groove boards on their site whatsoever, etc etc. In fact the only simaler boards they have are the Canon's and Mix boards.
    So instead of censoring the general public and hurting the growth of the sport, why not compete?

    A year or so ago when I first got into skiboarding (which I thought was snowblading at the time) I did a search on the net. The first place I found was the other site, while it seemed bigger it definitely felt like I was going into a foot locker to buy sneaks. Where they attack your ass for a sale the second you walk in the door. I personally hate that, and I wasn't there to buy but to do research and learn what to buy. Thank GOD I am not one to settle as I did more research and found SBOL. Everyone here treated me with respect and I learned a lot about the difference in equipment, etc. Greco NEVER pushed me into a sale and ended up with my business (however small it may have been) and now he has me as a loyal customer. Maybe this is the reason the other site feels thay need to censor instead of compete.
    Anyway, the whole point to the post is the fact that the censoring of another site / business isn't helping the growth of the sport in any way shape or form.
    My hats off to Greco and SBOL for keeping it real and making a real attempt to grow the sport which can only lead to a healthier business in the end.

    Just some reference on me so you can see where I'm coming from..

    I am the founder of an online Mustang club ( which has been in
    existance for over 5 years now and I would never censor any of the posts made in one of our forums because it suggested another website to look at. While my Mustang club is by far not the biggest, we have a great bunch of people which I consider to be like an extended family. In ways it's a LOT like it is on here just about cars and not skiboarding. While I may not be one to post a lot, I do read almost everything that gets posted. I'm not a great skiboarder, I can't do the tricks you guys do, I'm an 31 year old fat guy who loves to spend time on the mountain on skiboards. The fact that you all respect me for that and don't treat me like I'm just wasting space is really cool!! We are all here for one thing, we love skiboarding and IMHO censoring a website is just plain BS when all it does is hurt the sport.

    Information weather it be good or bad is still information and should always be left to the one being informed to weather it's good information or not. Everyone has an opinion and it shouldn't be censored simply because it might cost them $1 or two.

    Thanks for reading my rant, and once again

    BIGGUPS to SBOL and Greco


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    im sure you could write articles for magazines anyway i totally agree, just feel duno weird, i think they sensor it because not all the people on there know that sbol exist (come on if they did know do you think they would be on there hahaha) yeh but greco has and still does a good job.


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      thanks guys. our philosophy is to offer great products and great service at resonable prices and it doesn't matter if people know about our competition or not. hopefully customers will recognize and you guys do. and i thank you for it. you're the reason we're able to keep doing it every season. same goes for mix and canon. the support of core riders is how they stay in business. everything is so small right now if it weren't for you guys supporting the small companies we'd all be nowhere.


      btw, i added your "rant" to our comments section, 3rd one down. thanks again.


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        It's amazing. I've never seen a forum being so gentle and helpfull towards anyone. There doesn't seem to be a giant rush for postcounts or reputation. It's just great.
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          Holy thread ressurection Batman!
          I do it because I can.
          I can because I want to.
          I want to because you said I couldn't.

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            Originally posted by SkaFreak View Post
            Holy thread ressurection Batman!
            was thinking the same thing when I saw Phillycore thread! Did a double take becuase we have not seen him for a while now.

            And yes, this place is the best!