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  • Credit Card Fraud

    I got an email from one of my credit card companies saying there was some suspicious activity on my card and suggested I call the number on the back of the card or login to the online account. I didn't respond to the email, but I did check online account. Sure enough there were several bogus charges. So I contacted the CC company and they canceled the card, reissued it with a totally new number and opened a fraud investigation. The fraudulent charges totaled almost $1000.

    The reason I'm sharing this here is that the charges started while on a ski trip in Utah. We did 2 days at Deer Valley, 1 day at Sundance then 3 days at Park City. The charges started on the first day at Park City. The largest one was for $849. A quick Google of the phone number on statement indicated a sprinkler company in Utah.

    Luckily the CC company was very gracious about the whole thing and said it's covered by their fraud protection.

    An odd thing is, I never used that card at all on that trip. Which raises the question, how did they get the card data? I wonder if those lift ticket scanners can also pick up/record all mag strips within 6' or so. It was even in a sleeve that's supposed to block RFID. Those scanner guns are a lot more powerful than the gate scanners. They could easily have an SD card in them.

    The only other times I've had CC data stolen was about 10 years ago in Winter Park CO. That BOZO paid for some World Of Warcraft time. Again that CC company was very understanding that someone in their mid 50's doesn't play W.O.W.

    It's kind of a reality check about ski resorts. They don't have to steal your skis any more. They can steal a bunch of CC data and fund whatever they want.

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    Bummer, but glad to hear that the CC company covered things for you.

    It's funny, I don't see locks on ski gear any more. It was a big deal in the 90s. Ski gear hasn't gotten any cheaper, but maybe the resorts have gotten so expensive that they've just priced potential thieves right off of the hill. Day ticket prices seem like robbery to me, these days.
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