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    Have any of you tried using ShinSkins or a beer coozy between your socks and leg to keep from hurting your shins? Yes, I know the standard answer is to go see a boot fitter. However, many people don't live anywhere near a good boot fitter (particularly in the Midwest).

    I'm looking for ways to not only minimize shin pain after skiing, but also how to treat it after a day of skiing. I'm thinking maybe ice packs before and after the hot tub. Also, maybe some kind of neoprene wrap for shin splints.

    Do you have a shin pain routine?

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    In my previous boots I used Sidas Ski Protector socks. They have built-in pads.
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      I'm using what's called here Epitact Shin Pads, I just stick them in the morning at the position where I would get some pain and it's done, no more pain, or barely some minor annoyance at the end of the day, that disappears by itself until the next morning. They're washable and they keep their sticky nature after that.
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        Thanks for the suggestions.

        Those Epitact pads may not be available in the US. But, they appear to be the same thing as the ShinSkins. I've got a pair of the ShinSkins headed my way.

        I also pulled the trigger on some Sidas padded socks. They're pricey for socks. But, if they work it'll be money well spent. Like they say, you tend to get what you pay for.


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          I also picked up a pair of P-TEX Hot/Cold Wraps. They come with gel packs that can be either frozen or microwaved. They seem to be a great size for nursing shin bang and shin splints. I want to use them for wrapping my shins after skiing.


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            I used the ShinSkins 6 days in a row in Utah without a hint of shin bang.

            The Sidas socks were a disaster. They were so tight the padding started ripping off. I couldn't wear them, and those were the largest size I could find.