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Peaks Resorts are now EPIC?

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    It's now official. Vail closed on it's acquisition of Peaks Resorts today. Peaks resorts are now covered by Epic Pass. I like now having only to buy one ski pass for all (most) of my skiing but only time will tell if this is a positive or negative thing for my local ski hills.
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      Originally posted by Bill View Post

      It's more of the "Carhartt" crowd as opposed to the "Patagonia" set, which is a-okay with me ;-)
      Funny how times have changed. Back in the 70's when I first started skiing, we used to laugh at the "Polyvinyl People". Now I R 1.


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        Hmm, there were rumours about Kicking Horse being bought by Vail, but so far it looks like we've just been added to the Epic program (seven free days at Resorts of the Canadian Rockies in total). I can't imagine the management would get worse, nobody here is a big fan of RCR's management (small consortium of ski hills based out of Cowtown).

        If any of you end up with Epic passes next year and want to come ride some big mountains, just holler. I should have my house finished by the winter, so there's even a place or two to stay for a big-mountain meetup.

        The locals here are the Carhartt crowd at work, not so much at play... lots of well-worn but respectable ski gear, and often some Tuck tape holding it together. We see lots of Arc'teryx and Patagonia here on the Albertans and Americans. One of my friends who works at a ski shop and gets good deals was literally ashamed and apologetic to have bought "PataGucci" gear this year (but is a good enough rider to justify it).

        I've been rocking the same summer-deal Burton pants and jacket for the last 6 or 8 seasons, and it's still in good enough shape for another couple, I think.
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