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    Two days to the opening weekend for most Australian Ski resorts. I just got myself a new pair of 164cm Rossi Soul 7's. I demoed a pair last year and have been lusting after a pair ever since. They slarve and pivot very simular to the ospreys and are faster than the 161cm ethan too's. Level 9 are selling the 156cm and 164cm versions relatively cheaply. Most people who get this type of ski usualy opt for 180 or 188cm due to their big rocker and short effective length. Level 9 are also selling the womens version of the soul 7 and super 7 even cheaper. Below are some pics comparing the skis mentioned. If you compare the rossi's to the osprey's the length from the widest point on the tail to the widest point on the tip is very simular. I'll post more reports on how these skis compare as the season progresses.
    Cheers from down under.

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    Summit Marauders 125cm
    RVL8 RCondors 110cm
    RVL8 KTPs 101cm

    Rossignol Soul 7 164cm
    Head Ethan Too 161cm

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