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Blues Boy Dan Owen from the UK

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  • Blues Boy Dan Owen from the UK

    Are you kidding me!!!???

    By starting as a duo with his sister, Dan was able to gain experience and meet other musicians in pubs from the early age of thirteen by playing guitar and bodhran while his sister sang.

    An accident at work in 2008 drastically affected his vision and forced Dan to withdraw from his carpentry apprenticeship, leading to him having to review his options.

    Fortunately for Dan, this allowed him to pursue his original ambition. The day after he walked out of college he purchased his first Gibson acoustic guitar, leaving his tools in the workshop.

    His unique vocal sound wasn't unleashed until a spontaneous open mic night on holiday in Cornwall. The positive response encouraged Dan to continue singing and playing guitar as well as harmonica and stomp box, through playing at various open mic's, Dan gained a fan base in his local area.His popular and well received performances were soon sought after by pubs around Shropshire and Birmingham; triggering the start of his professional career.

    From this, he has gained many bookings from clubs such as Johnny's Blues Club, Jools Holland's Jam House and well-known blues festivals such as Worthenbury and Bangor on Dee.

    Nowadays, Dan is shaping his career through supporting well known acts for example Paul Jones, Dave Kelly and The Blues Band. The enthusiasm Dan has for his music motivates him to share his aptitude for the blues with larger audiences. He hopes to one day tour internationally and gain recognition through increasing his already thriving fan base.
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    I dont listen to allot of blues but damn he is good. I wish I could play 1/4 as good as him. I never put forth the effort to learn the guitar that well so it always amazes me when people master it.
    thanks for sharing G
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      Love it. I'm a huge blues fan.
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        This is awesome. My dad and I just got done jamming some blues and now are listening to this. We're both stoked.
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