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New Folding Approach Ski for Backcountry Snowboarders

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  • New Folding Approach Ski for Backcountry Snowboarders

    Here is an interesting new 150 cm long approach ski for backcountry snowboarders... it folds up and stows in a supplied pack , skins are always attached because it is only used for going up .. 7 lbs for the pair of skis ... and you still have to carry your snowboard on your back ! I am so happy that with the new BTK I can climb with my lightweight compact skiboards on my feet and descend on the same boards . Nothing to carry on my back ....

    I guess I am just a little biased by my participation in the BTK R and D.. but I do believe that the development of a skiboard specific way of climbing and descending in the backcountry was a major unique development for our sport .
    It was a group effort ,not a commercial one ( , and involved capitalizing on the unique nature of skiboard non release bindings and of the symmmetric design of skiboards themselves and it works great !
    AND if I want to use my snowboard boots to ride and climb .. we have that covered too !! sweet !

    Boards :
    Blunt Xl, DLP, Spliff, Condor, Rockered Condor , Slingshot, Sherpa, Icelantic Shaman
    K2 BFC 100 Grip walk sole , Dynafit CR Radical AT boot, Ride Insano Snowboard boots
    Zero Pro Non release Binding
    Modified Receptor Backcountry Bindings (Bill Version and Slow Version)
    Spruce Riser with Attack 14 GW /AT binding
    Custom Risers with Fritschi Backcountry Bindings (Jeff Singer version 1, Bill version)
    Rocker and Sbol Soft Boot Bindings.