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    There is no section for skate meet-ups in the skate section. Does anyone else think that there should be?

    Anyway, on with it. This summer I will be living on the east coast for a month as well as in LA for a month. I've already discussed with a few people back east about getting some serious skate sessions going on. NYC, Philly, Boston, Hartford, and metropolises in the northeast are killer for some meet-ups. All of these cities have skiboarders that would be willing to house people for a night or two to make this happen. Anyone else down for something like this?

    Talon, Kirk Thompson, Smitty, Art Jennings, Brandon Enouf, Rob Stanish, Matt Hein, and Mark Carraro (pending there exists a pair of skates that can handle his steez) are among the few who have already shown interest. Weekends would be fine for those who have to work. I personally, thanks to my school teacher schedule, will be a skate bum from Memorial Day all of the way up until my birthday, August 17th. So, I am open for absolutely anything. Lets get the ball rolling on this.
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